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ich² pictures

ich² pictures

there is going to be a video soon but for now the pictures should show many bits and pieces of this project. i'll try to comment each one to give you an insight on what we do here in kiel...hope you don't mind seeing the ppl behind the production as well.

well, this is the stage within the dome. on the right u can see a glimpse of the projection

our messy production space filled with a few workstations and a renderfarm. the space served as film studio, office, master bedroom and so on....we almost lived here for a few months.

shooting HD-Video for the intro scene

jens doing the body sensor programming in vvvv controlling ableton live via trusty ol' midi

tina and lisa (ballet dancers) at the theatre rehearsal space, wearing the wireless body sensor sets from la kitchen / mario (choreographer) is taking a closer look at his girls

alex and michel doing after effects compositing

my rehearsal setup, host and interface machine located in the dome / lisa testing the shadow-typo scene

the city visuals are rendered in cinema4D while the dna-sequencing scene is realtime and reacts to the dancers

microcosm, water, amobea...this scene is a combination of prerendered video and a reactive mesh deformer

end of city scene

michel's hardcore typo scene, done in vvvv and aftereffects, everything which wasn't intended to be reactive was played as fulldome video like this part

jens did crucial machine/beamer monitoring during the performance. he was hiding underneath the stage / on the right is an early shot of the shadow sequence

host and interface machine running all the dome magic

during the performance my setup was hidden in the catacombs next to the dome. i could monitor every movement via two videoscreens showing infrared front camera, color front cam and zenith cam. surely a strange experience controlling events from this dark place, being totally detached from the performance space

the catacombs and LED theatre lights...in order to avoid stage light disrupting the tracking (based on infrared light) we used cutting edge LED spots

some shots of the server room, you can see the boygroup slave machines, surround audio PC, bridge and sensor machine

this is how vvvv looked in window mode within the dome...pretty crazy ;), right picture shows the final dome mirror live video...the audience was confronted with themselves

above the dome, where we installed another camera for live video and motion sensing

patrick proudly presents our bluescreen setup and the production schedule for the city sequence

muthesius employees after the premiere: sven (sound editing), me and tom (head of DM/I department)

another head ...

i know, many many pictures...maybe too many but these are already selected out of thousands. digicams can be a pain...

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tonfilm: thanks @sunep!

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timpernagel: We've just added two more clips of the "Programming DMX and visualizing with grandMA2"-Workshop to the workshop-blog post.

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svdk: I plan to release all the patches involves as soon as they're cleaned. Greeting from Strasbourg

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svdk: hi!saw you had a lot of fun @node 17.Disappointed I couldn't make it!. Some video I made using vvvv 4some parts. https://goo.gl/1UM8Bp

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microdee: vpm is updated and DO update as it fixes an issue with new latest DX11 script https://github.com/vvvvpm/vpm/releases/latest