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Fill (EX9.RenderState)

Help Set fill mode to solid, wireframe or point
Author vvvv group

Here you are supposed to see an image (rendered with SVG) describing the pins of this node. However, this does not work with Internet Explorer. You may want to consider using another browser, like FireFox, Chrome, Safari or Opera that do support SVG.


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I'm using the "point" and "line" option of the Fill Node. Is there a way to increase point- or line-size?

No, you can't change these. The Fill State is considered a legacy feature by graphic cards vendors, and are not supported very well in modern cards. You need to fake bigger points by rendering solid quads with "point" textures. for example try "dot.bmp" or "halo dot.bmp" in the girlpower folder. For lines, similar workarounds apply.