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Delay (Animation)

Help Delays incoming values for a certain time
Author vvvv group

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Bugs Stores only the values of the last 1024 frames

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about Delay (Animation)

Delay internally strictly works time-based, not frame based. So imagine sending a bang while the framerate is 50fps - so the bang stored in the delay 20ms long. now imagine your frame rate dropping to 10fps after the bang. now each frame is 100ms long, so there is a certain chance that both the rising and the falling edge of the bang occur in the same frame. You will only get the information every 100ms so the bang may be lost.

A classic solution would be putting a Counter (Animation) or Toggle (Animation) upstream and a Change (Animation) downstream of the Delay.

Generally with vvvv its always worth thinking about the question whether its possible to work with explicit states and not with events leading to states.

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