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Some documentation of a tempory installation for a time based arts event in
Birmingham Sept 2007
"After Vasulka" is some timeslicing patches inspired by the Vasulkas work.

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~1d ago

joreg: @ryuzaki it is all listed here: node17-workshop-material

~2d ago

ryuzaki: it seems all node17 workshop files are down (?)

~2d ago

u7angel: @ggml videos will come

~3d ago

ggml: some nice instastories from link presentations ::: will there be videos ?

~5d ago

ggml: is there a node for solving z-fighting by prioritization ?

~7d ago

joreg: come join us patching at the lake: 3-berlin-vvvv-meetup-at-link-open-sunday #vvvv #vl #summer #sun #lake