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SHINY TOYS Festival 2013

Who Nicolas Bernier (can) | VJ Suave (br) | Asynthome (fr/de) | The Erasers (gr) | incite/ (de) | Digger Barnes & Pencil Quincy (de) | Ray Vibration (de) | RaumZeitPiraten (de) | Berzik/Langfeld/Steins (de) | Trans/Human & New Aktionists/2Gyrlz (uk) | Moritz Simon Geist & MR-808 (de) | Werner Nekes (de) | Sue Corke & Hagen Betzwieser (uk/de) | Tina Tonagel (de) | Klaske Oenema (nl) | Klaus Urbons (de) | Ralf Schreiber (de) | Hubert Steins (de) | Christian Faubel (de) | Hauschka | Valance Drakes (uk) | Generate (nl) | LichtGestalten | Tofuland | Vomit Heat | Einar.Zuviel | Frau Keludowig | Bohemian Output | Visual Society Worldwide
When Fri, Aug 30th 2013 - 19:00 until Sun, Sep 1st 2013 - 06:00
Where Ringlokschuppen Mülheim, Am Schloß Broich 38, 45479 Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany


The merging of sound and visual art is once again the main focus of the SHINY TOYS Festival. Artists are going to explore the interaction between analog and digital technologies through lab research and stage performances. Playful experiments will bring inanimate objects to life in unexpected ways: the belt sander is gonna become the drive motor of a kaleidoscope, the controller of a gaming station will transcend to a sound controller and the surveillance camera will transform into a roughly pixeled light sensor of a perpetuum mobile. These inventions are less of a final product then mere tools of perception. Their main aim being a playful usage, these gadgets are ment to put the wheels of thought in motion. Multimedia projects which baffle, irritate and question familiar visual and auditive habits, will be presented through an exhibition, concerts and multiple performances.


Nicolas Bernier (can) | VJ Suave (br) | Asynthome (fr/ger) | The Erasers (gr) | incite/ (ger) | Digger Barnes & Pencil Quincy (ger) | Klaske Oenema (nl) | Ray Vibration (ger) | RaumZeitPiraten (ger) | Berzik/Langfeld/Steins (ger) | Trans/Human & New Aktionists/2Gyrlz (uk) | Moritz Simon Geist & MR-808 (ger)


Werner Nekes (ger) | Sue Corke & Hagen Betzwieser (uk/ger) | Tina Tonagel (ger) | Klaske Oenema (nl) | Klaus Urbons (ger) | Ralf Schreiber (ger) | Hubert Steins (ger) | Christian Faubel (ger)

Skribble Concerts, DJs and Interactions

Hauschka (ger) | Valance Drakes (uk) | Generate (nl) | LichtGestalten (ger) | Tofuland (ger) | Vomit Heat (ger) | Einar.Zuviel (ger) | Frau Keludowig (ger) | Bohemian Output (ger) | Visual Society Worldwide (int)

festival for audiovisual experiments
30.- 31. August 2013
Ringlokschuppen, Am Schloß Broich 38, 45479 Mülheim an der Ruhr


Hauschka (ger)

„Hauschka“ is the name of Volker Bertelmann performing as a Solo-Pianist. By preparing the strings of his piano with bottle caps, plastic foil and other things, he draws new sounds from the instrument and thus replaces a whole orchestra.


VJ Suave (br)

Ygor Marotta and Ceci Soloaga combine live painting, iPad animations, audiovisual live performance and digital graffiti, thus creating incomparable installations in an open space. The captivating performances of VJ Suave are drawn and painted by hand, digitally animated and projected on facades of their hometown São Paolo. After exploring Mülheim an der Ruhr by bike - equiped with a beamer -, VJ Suave will be taking the viewers on a visually guideded walk through the city.


Nicolas Bernier (can)

Frequencies (synthetic variations) is the second installation of a series of audiovisual projects by Montreal native Nicolas Bernier. Sound waves and light flashes are controlled and manipulated with high precision in real time. The current of the light sources will become audible and the sound waves will be visualised through sporadic light flashes. Through his multidisciplinary work, Bernier produces a delicate balance between organic sounds and digital processes. Frequencies has been shown at festivals like Sonar Barcelona, Transmediale Berlin, Ars Electronica and MUTEK. Nicolas Bernier received the renowned Prix Ars Electronica 2013 – Golden Nica in the section Digital Music & Sound Art.


Asynthome (fr/ger)

Transforma (Baris Hasselbach, Luke Bennett / Berlin) + Yro (Elie Blanchard / Paris)
By using small objects, light boxes and sculptures, visual experiments are arranged and projected live on screen by the artist collective Transforma and the French performer Yro. The result and process of work are both visible and share the same importance. The soundtrack of the performance forces the experiments to a strict choreography. In this way, Transforma and Yro are analysing the possibilities and limits of improvisation and show.


The Erasers (gr) Road to Knowhere

The artist collective The Eraser from Athens combine live cinema, performance actions, internet and installed stage sceneries. The Eraser are thus building a new audio-visual language. “Road to Knowhere” is an outdoor (public space) performance that was premiered in
Geneva, Switzerland 2011 at Mapping Festival and describes a road trip through Europe
(past - present - future).


incite/ (ger)

In-between art and club – a vibrant staging of synchronized sound-imagery-art.
Fragmented electric scrap and fragile outbursts of static noise are blended with heavy bass-lines, resulting in groovy IDM beats. All this is combined with striking grayscale visuals. The edgy rhythms obtain an unusual intensity through the abstract and precisely constructed videos. From abstract to semi-narrative, from urban to day to day life through quantum mechanics; the partially destroyed visuals hide a range of stories – an expedition that the audience can dance to, which has already been awarded at various international festivals.


mit Digger Barnes & Pencil Quincy (ger)

Alone on the highway, traveling through desolate landscapes and sad suburbs. Short meetings at dirty gas stations, motels and bars. The trip continues, night after night behind the wheel, driven by apocalyptic visions and the longing for better times. Equipped with a self made projection machine and all sorts of musical instruments, Barnes and Quincy devote themselves, in loose episodes, to their fascination for road movies. Digger Barnes is the lonesome car driver on the run. He is the one who, through his dark sound mixture, provides the country, folk and blues soundtrack of the trip. The tricky projections which are created live by VJ Pencil Quincy correspond to the view of a co-driver, which is thoughtfully watching the sun set and the world go under with it.

diamondroadshow.com pencilquincy.org diggerbarnes.net

Ray Vibration (ger)

Ray Vibration is an overhead projector project by Christian Faubel, Ralf Schreiber and Tina Tonagel. The projection surface emerges into a triptych, which reveals, increases and abstracts the smallest (inter)actions of different electronic and kinetic tools. Colourful solar robots and different small electronic musical instruments create images and generate sounds. These are then filtered on the projection space, distorted and amplified. All these steps are happening as a real time process and as a synaesthetic experience: a contemporary interpretation of the good old technology of the overhead projectors.


RaumZeitPiraten (ger)

The RaumZeitPiraten is an audiovisual, space and time transforming artist collective and an ongoing project of Tobias Daemgen, Jan Ehlen and Moritz Ellerich.The trustworthy vehicle of the RaumZeitPiraten, the pale green Volkswagen T3 Bus, becomes a wheeled stage of synesthetic freebooters joys - a mobile light-sound system for boarding and transforming urban sceneries audiovisually without using external sources of electricity. This 110 PS strong meteor of the optoacustic art world is used as an interactive instrument for the visual sightseeing tour throughout the city of Mülheim.


Berzik/Langfeld/Steins (ger):radio aporee

: maps+live

The field recording platform radio aporee

:maps was initiated in 2007 by media artist Udo Noll. By using the image material of google maps, aporee:::maps allows to virtually connect audio recordings with places and the spot where they were created. The trio Frank Berzik (saxophone / clarinet), Patricia Langfeld (Vocals) and Hubert Steins (harmonium / electronica) improvise to the sounds of the acoustic map of the world.


Moritz Simon Geist & MR-808 (ger)
Robotic 808 Music Performance: IDM, Abstract Techno, Electronica – with robots!

Let’s get mechanical: Moritz Simon Geist performs electronic music - with mechanic robots!
The main robot is the robotic drum installation “MR-808″. It is the first drum robot that reproduces the drum sounds of the 80s, in the real world! The robot installation MR-808 is a replica of the famous 1980s electronic drum machine TR-808 – with robots playing the drum sounds. It is the first robot installation to transfer the electronic sounds of the most influential electronic drum computer “TR-808″ into the real world.

The MR-808 is operated live by Moritz Simon Geist in his performance in the style IDM, Electronica, Abstract Techno.


Klaske Oenema (nl)

Klaske Oenema is a multimedia artist who combines image, language and music in installations and performances. With the help of an overhead projector she transforms common throw-away material such as envelopes and chewinggum wrappings into small poetical images, often with a narrative focus. Handwork plays an important role in her work that is minimal and precise, trying out different ways of telling stories and conveying everyday life into something bigger.


Trans/Human (uk)

Comprising parts of Trans/Human and A New Aktionist Kitchen / 2GYRLZ, RECEPTION converge to create AKTION; employing DIY electronics and transcutaneous technology, as invocations of ghost frequencies and streams of absent members merge and mutate, the body remains present as it ceaselessly channels the energies of Love & Rage.



Wunderkammer: Projections, Magic Lantern and Phantasmagoria

The exhibition shows artifacts from the unique collection of filmmaker Werner Nekes in association with contemporary artists, which trace the fascination and magic of images and their development by using overhead projectors and other image machines.

Parallel to the technically highly developed new digital mediums like computers, digital cameras and video, the artists are continuously using historical mediums and are transforming the functionality of historical, analog devices thus creating new mediums. In contrast to many digital mediums, the mechanisms remain comprehensible and the process of emergence of images is directly visible.

The overhead projector is used as an image machine for presentation, in order to baffle the audience with optical phenomena like shadows, mirroring and light reflections,
The screened results of the image machine remind us of the spectacular projections of the Laterna Magica, a projection device which was spread throughout Europe from the 17th to the 20th century. In the 19th century, the Laterna Magica was used by travelling exhibitors on funfairs and in variety theaters for shows, slowly advancing to a mass medium.

The audience was stunned and fascinated by the phantasmagoria of magician Paul Philidor, who in the year 1792 enacted projections of ghosts, skeletons and smoke in the air above the viewers at the Hôtel de Chartres in Paris. Aside from the moving lantern images, he also used big image boards, on which the negative was cut out and was fixed on Gaze
Slowly after, working according to this same principle, the wide spread choreographies ormegalographies started to develop. The negatively cut out area lets the light shine through and in this way makes the positive figure which appears on the screening wall appear bigger.


The stage designers, artists and DJs of the Skribble group will create a concert room which will be studio and lounge at the same time. It's less about an after-show-party coming to being and more of a practical continuation of the festival which invites to participation – for example at light-tables and stations for overhead projectors. The project „LichtGestalten“ pays a tribute to tagtools of different generations. Through this drawing game, growing color-meshes which are in constant movement are formed. The producers Valance Drakes and Generate, as well as the experimental pianist Hauschka are also in search of new audio structures and sound worlds which are in a continuous movement. Their concerts are a further highlight of the weekend.

In Concert:

Hauschka (ger) | Valance Drakes (uk) | Generate (nl)


Tofuland | Vomit Heat | Einar.Zuviel | Frau Keludowig | Bohemian Output | & Freunde


open VJ Session presented by visual-society.com + tagtool session presented by LichtGestalten

Hauschka (ger)

„Hauschka“ is the name of Volker Bertelmann performing as a Solo-Pianist. By preparing the strings of his piano with bottle caps, plastic foil and other things, he draws new sounds from the instrument and thus replaces a whole orchestra.


Valance Drakes (uk)

Born in London City Valance Drakes started his musical journey into sounds back in 93' with his father Vaughn Drakes as his mentor teaching him to play the clarinet. During the last 14 years he released numerous of Glitch Hop EPs and LPs with labels; Global Vortex, Daly City, Car Crash Set & Get Crev Labs. Valance became more experimental with his sound focusing on Sound Designing while releasing with labels; Alkalinear (where his first vinyl was pressed), Bedroom Research, Schematic, Onibaba, Bunkai-Kei, Detund where he recently did a remix for Richard Devine and is releasing for labels such as Luana Records & Irrational Media Society


Generate (nl)



LichtGestalten (ger)

LichtGestalten play around with self-drawn pictures and thus create site-specific images and video mappings. In the past years LichtGestalten were involved in several art festivals, poetry slams and had VJ appearances. Their faithful companions are their self-made tagtool vintage-controller and since recently the tagtool-iPad-App through which they put their small image-worlds into movement.



fri. | 30. August 2013 | 19.00 p.m. | entry fee: advance booking 10,- | reduced fee 5,-

evening checkout 12,- reduced fee 7,-


31. August 2013 19.00 p.m. advance booking 10,- reduced fee 5,-

evening checkout 12,- | reduced fee 7,-

weekend ticket | advance booking 18.- | reduced fee 12.- €

get your tickets onlineHEREhttp://shop.derticketservice.de/ringlokschuppen.html?cs=Shiny+Toys&tt=search[]


Kultur im Ringlokschuppen e. V.
Am Schloß Broich 38
45479 Mülheim an der Ruhr

get a biggerSHINYTOYS*MAPhttps://maps.google.de/maps/ms?msid=212586997136010524797.0004a5b2b69446b60f6d2&msa=0&ll=51.429692%2C6.877012&spn=0.013097%2C0.026071[]

Partners, Supporters & Sponsors:

SHINY TOYS 2013 is accomplished through the collaboration with the Ringlokschuppen Mülheim an der Ruhr and the Youth Culture Center Bollwerk 107. Funded by the Ministry for family, children, youth, culture and sports of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Foundation Kulturhauptstadt Ruhr 2010, the NRW Cultural Office, the Cultural Organization Mülheim an der Ruhr and the Cultural Office of the city Moers.

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