» Olympics 2008 London Handover - Party in the Mall
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Olympics 2008 London Handover - Party in the Mall

For the Olympics handover from China to the UK, catweasel was commissioned to provide custom visuals for the music acts at the Party in The Mall. Custom work was done in vvvv and run realtime into catalyst mediaservers using HDMI inputs on Blackmagic capture cards. Patches and catalysts were run via Artnet by a Hog2 lighting console, the show went out live to several million viewers...

Some vvvv content on screen at rehearsals

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~22h ago

joreg: @mediadog thanks for the pointer, links are updated

~1d ago

mediadog: Where are the 50beta42 offline instalers? The offline installers are still linked to 41, not 42.

~5d ago

id144: thanks @gegenlicht & @bjoern, i hope the festival sorted it.

~7d ago

Patxi7: @joreg done

~8d ago

joreg: @neuston @u7angel can you please start a forum thread describing the problem you're having with a few more words?

~8d ago

u7angel: @neutron, same here

~8d ago

neuston: I got 500 server error when I tried to install package from NuGet gallery. Are you encountering then same problem?

~9d ago

lasal: @bjoern Sequencer porn! Thanks, so many good ideas in 1 place