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new vvebsite

ladies and boys of near and far come and see: vvvv is wearing a new wig.

first a little history:
vvvvs initial website as captured by archive.org on nov 1st 2002
vvvvs first tikiwiki based website as captured on jan 09 2005
vvvvs tikiwiki facelift captured on july 09 2006

so it was finally time to move on. and here you are. lets see what we've got. first of all the 3 main sections as we know them:

  • blog: news, gallery, screenshots, ...
  • forum: vvvv q&a
  • wiki: the documentation section

and now the specials:

  • the Contributions section: a place to share modules/effects/demos..., tag, filter and comment them. multiple revisions per item allow to improve stuff instead of having several copies of similar items floating around in the forum. for details see About the Contributions.
  • the Forum is now reduced to one filterable by various types of tags and replies can now be marked to solve a question cleaning up long threads. for details read About the Forum.
  • the Documentation, while still a wiki is now structured hierarchically. users can place "requests for review" on individual pages that seem outdated. for details read About the Documentation.
  • the Blog now automatically posts content added to the vimeo channel vvvv, the flickr group vvvv and links tagged "vvvv" on delicious giving us a better overview of what happens with vvvv on the web. for details read About the Blog.

login is now possible via OpenID, search is improved and quite some more. we basically tried to realize all of your wishes. you'll be able to upload screenshots of the day again only with the upcomming release.

now please check your personal- and system-settings and your userpages. we are aware of some problems that happened during the import of wiki-pages. if you have troubles fixing syntax yourself shout out and we'll give you a hand.

thanks a lot to all alpha and beta testers and our brave new vvvvebmaster that is David Scharf ofhttp://huesforalice.com

it is now in your hands.
yours, vvvv group.

joreg, Monday, Jul 12th 2010 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 3 comments  
Gab 12/07/2010 - 21:42

well done
looks very nice

david 13/07/2010 - 20:46

thanks a lot. i am happy to let the old one go...

DigitalSlaves 22/07/2010 - 18:52

Good job !

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domj: Ultra high definition volumetric visualization using GPUDirect storage https://youtu.be/GAZP1NcdWMo

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CeeYaa: thx for V4-Meetup - some days ago 40th_RetuneStudioVisit from old friends RefikAnadol and Quadrature https://vimeo.com/429510091

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david: 4. worldwide vvvv meetup will be here...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0zd68tDUVE

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mediadog: @metrowave Magnetic repulsion has always been pure magic to me, proof we only sense a small part of the universe - thanks!

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guest: @graphicuserinterface cool project!combined with osc learn & setio plugin (exposed iobox) achieving some fake OscQuery setup

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