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as usual the addonpack is stuffed with great bytes by vvvvs regulars vux, woei and phlegma. keep it up bois! please consult the addons change log to see what they came up with.

also this time is a first for unc who makes his debut with sharing a mere ~50 (stopped counting there..) effects/modules for image manipulation. it is hard to fit into superlatives what he did in the last two months after he stumbled on karistouf's quest for easy image treatment possibilities: pure-image-treatment-question-wich-evolution-for-vvvv

TextureFX is in a way comparable to freeframeGL as it is a specification of how to prepare vvvv-modules for texture-manipulation in order to make them work together nicely. only apart from the specification it also already comes with a fairly complete implementation right in this addonpack. in the nodebrowser just check for "filter", "fx" or "unc".

this needs to go out to the world, so i prepared a little press-statment:

vvvv said
#texturefx for #vvvv by unc is one of the most extensive GPU-based, opensource image-manipulation and -analysis packages available.

see, i made this <140 characters for your tweeting pleasure. people interested herein were also interested in unc's videos on vimeo

now go ahead download, test and report your findings on the forum.

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~22h ago

nanotekt: a brief VL.stride study https://youtu.be/B2Nlz5VZ9lM ...and a massive 'thank you' to the devvvvs!

~1d ago

everyoneishappy: @overtones this would require 4D noise, which is possible but not implemented in Fieldtrip

~4d ago

overtones: Hi! SF2D has Time & DomainOffset inputs, but SF3D only DomainOffset. Is there a way to use Time in SF3D or it makes no sense? Thx

~7d ago

joreg: @SabrinaVerhage this could be useful for you next "hacking sex" workshop: https://buttplug.io they have a .NET nuget for use in vvvv!

~15d ago

ravazquez: Happy new year!

~15d ago

sunep: Happy new year everyone!

~18d ago

ggml: confirmed. thanks

~19d ago

david: @ggml fixed. please try again.

~19d ago

joreg: @ggml confirmed. we'll investigate..

~20d ago

ggml: node workshops on talque seem to be no longer available