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Before installing vvvv you may want to read the System Recommendations.




Extract the vvvv directory from the .zip archive to a nice place on your harddisk.

Do NOT use the Windows zip-function, we highly recommend 7zip since many users had problems with other unpackers.


Run crack.exe.

  • This will ask you for administrative rights which you'll have to accept. If it doesn't ask you, you'll have to run crack.exe as administrator manually by rightclicking on it and selecting "Run as..."
  • If you see 3 green lights everything is ok, just exit the crack and run vvvv.exe
  • If you see a red light you are missing some dependencies and will have to install them first by following the according links.
  • Encounter any troubles with running vvvv? See the TroubleShooting page.


Check the Getting Started Tutorials.


  • Before deleting the directory containing vvvv run crack.exe again and click 'Uninstall'.


Want to run vvvv on your mac? Consider installing Windows via BootCamp and follow the steps above.

Check also the Best practices when using BootCamp.

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