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~4h ago

io: modded inf files in your Geforce? WIndows Update is gonna break your system

~10h ago

elektromeier: nice dataviz in the article as well.

~20h ago

guest: Hello does anyone know how to make this work? intel-realsense-plugin copying the new dlls doesn't seem to work :(

~22h ago

Urbankind: Finally Microsoft have something very cool and outsmarted apple

~23h ago

~1d ago

h99: @metrowave This and the Book. IMO 2 great devices; awesome design too. A tiny bit expensivino, though.

~1d ago

metrowave: @h99, you beat me to it:) http://tinyurl.com/zjeewh9 the touch stuff would be useful in vvvv

~1d ago

m4d: natan: i love it!