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... a 2 day workshop in the wonderful city of sheffield.

http://vvvv.org/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=120502 Basics.zip (50.45 Kb)</a>

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~1d ago

evvvvil: BRUTAL BREXIT DIZZY DAGGERS our 4kb intro ranked 3rd at TRSAC demo party. Made with 130 lines of shader code. https://vimeo.com/296418799

~1d ago

joreg: part one of the #vvvv roadmap: the early years: roadmap

~6d ago

tonfilm: even more #GPU #debugging with #renderdoc and #vvvv #dx11: debug-dx11-frames-with-renderdoc

~6d ago

lev: Heyy. Any vvvv guys in Amsterdam now?

~7d ago

StiX: @vnm there is contrib, just search forums and page