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hallelujah. once again, vvvv completely messed up my patch while saving. hours of work lost. sometimes I don't know why I am using this crap
rainer kohlberger on twitter, 01 04 12

[..] The really killer feature of VVVV for me is that there is no runtime mode or compiling process between you and your results. It is basically like doing open brain surgery on your program [..]
Kyle McLean on createdigitalmotion, 25 04 10

never bring too many of V4´s possibilities to your mind at the same time!
Michael Höpfel, 03 11 08

[..] Its not for everyone, but for more unusual uses ie arts installations (see licence agreement on site) or for prototyping things its fantastic. Oh and it almost never crashes (except when disconnecting freeframe objects)... People who should check it out:- Arts practitioners, Vjo users, PC based MAX/msp /PD users, computer geeks.... People who shouldn't:- if you get scared looking at circuit diagrams or the word boolean brings you out in hives, then its probably not for you... I lovvvve it, not everyone will! [..]
catweasel on VJCentral.com

it's a great modular programming environment for live video synthesis and experimentation developed by Meso (of Sebastian Oschatz fame, who is, in turn, of Oval fame ); i'm surprised it's got remarkably less exposure on the web than eyesweb, jitter, processing etc.. the simplicity and task-oriented nature of many of its functions, especially the way numbers are handled, will be very welcome for those new to the modular visual programming paradigm.
electronic music 411

Coincidence, fortuity or just the right time? Anyway, here is another "toolkit for real-time video synthesis and controlling physical devices." by meso.net. Where the EyesWeb GUI looks a little bit oldfashioned, vvvv comes like the mother of lauki & co from ixi, minimalistic GUI included :).
soy.de, 01 08 03

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~1d ago

joreg: absolutely. if it is for a repo that is public, just submit a pullrequest. otherwise please start a forum thread.

~1d ago

benjawmino: @joreg I ended up figuring out BezierSegment yesterday, so nevermind! Tell me, could a user submit a help patch? :)

~1d ago

joreg: @benjawmino please elaborate on this question a bit in a new forum thread. otherwise it is hard to answer..

~3d ago

benjawmino: so are there no splines/curves in gamma yet??

~6d ago

skyliner: wanna do drone shows or applications? then check this super cool project of our man e1n

~10d ago

NoseBleedIndustries: Thanks Joreg! The few minutes I was able to see, very good workshops!

~10d ago

joreg: @NoseBleedIndustries please give us some days, we'll have an announcement soon...

~10d ago

NoseBleedIndustries: I could not assist the Node20 (workshops ) Any Idea when we will have access to the links of the recordings?

~12d ago

bjoern: unity has c# bindings for usd, under apache license: https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/usd-unity-sdk