» Parasitäre Gestaltung
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Parasitäre Gestaltung

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  • use > < or ^ to point a comment to the part of a patch it describes
  • start all sentences with a capital letter and end them with a dot
  • when referring to a specific node start its name with a capital letter, like "Quad".
  • don't write "Here we/you have to set this&that." but say "Here this&that is set."
  • write X, Y, Z always in captial letters when referring to axes of a coordinate system.
  • write: Rightclick, Leftclick, Doubleclick


  • https://github.com/vvvv/ParasiticDesign
  • follow: Node&Pin Naming Conventions
  • all non default pin values should be set via an IOBox
  • try to avoid Map nodes after Linear/RandomSpread (as they can already map to a value range)
  • make mostly straight connections
  • make links that are a feedback (and go upwards) curved
  • in Renderers set DepthBuffer (24bit) and Antialiasing (4) for Windowed and Fullscreen

General remarks for svvvvitchers:

  • processing is all pixelbased (howbout OPENGL mode?)
  • lefthanded (vvvv) vs. righthanded (opengl) coordinate system
    • 2d angles are different in processing to vvvv
    • note different Y/Z axis direction
  • beware of different colormodes in processing. vvvv is always 0-1
  • bug: keyboard commands work only when renderer is active window

Examples: Basic Principles

possible states: none, patching, annotating, correcting, final

P.1 Color

example state comments
P_1_0_01 final -
P_1_1_1_01 final -
P_1_1_2_01 final -
P_1_2_1_01 final -
P_1_2_2_01 final -
P_1_2_3_01 final -
P_1_2_3_02 none low priority
P_1_2_3_03 none low priority
P_1_2_3_04 none low priority

P.2 Form

example state comments
P_2_0_01 final -
P_2_0_02 final -
P_2_0_03 final -
P_2_1_1_01 final -
P_2_1_1_02 final -
P_2_1_1_03 final -
_P_2_1_1_04_ final -
P_2_1_2_01 final -
P_2_1_2_02 final -
P_2_1_2_03 final -
P_2_1_2_04 final -
P_2_1_3_01 final -
P_2_1_3_02 final -
P_2_1_3_03 final -
P_2_1_3_04 final -
P_2_1_3_05 final -
P_2_2_1_01 final -
P_2_2_1_02 final -
P_2_2_2_01 patching nicht wirklich machbar
P_2_2_2_02 patching nicht wirklich machbar
P_2_2_3_01 final -
P_2_2_3_02 final -
P_2_2_3_02_TABLET final -
P_2_2_4_01 final -
P_2_2_4_02 final -
P_2_2_5_01 final -
P_2_2_5_02 final -
P_2_3_1_01 final -
P_2_3_1_02 final -
P_2_3_1_02_TABLET final -
P_2_3_2_01 final -
P_2_3_3_01 final -
P_2_3_3_01_TABLET final
P_2_3_3_01_TABLET_TOOL final -
P_2_3_4_01 final -
P_2_3_5_01_TABLET final -
P_2_3_6_01 final -
P_2_3_6_02 final -

P.3 Typography

example state comments
P_3_0_01 final -
P_3_1_1_01 final -
P_3_1_2_01 final -
P_3_1_2_02 final -
P_3_1_3_01 final -
P_3_1_3_02 final -
P_3_1_3_03 final -
P_3_1_3_04 final -
P_3_1_4_01 final -
P_3_2_1_01 final -
P_3_2_1_02 final -
P_3_2_2_01 correcting Almost done. Needs some additions and docs. Danke Sebastian!
P_3_2_3_01 final -

P.4 Image

example state comments
P_4_0_01 final -
P_4_1_1_01 final -
P_4_1_2_01 final -
P_4_1_2_02 final Jetzt hier habe ich wieder ein Problem, dass manch mal am anfang Texture ein weisser Quad ist.
P_4_2_1_01 final -
P_4_2_1_02 final -
P_4_2_2_01 final -
P_4_2_2_02 final -
P_4_3_1_01 final -
P_4_3_1_02 final -
P_4_3_2_01 final -
P_4_3_3_01 final -
P_4_3_3_02 final -

Examples: Complex Methods

M.1 Random

example state comments
M_1_1_01 final -
M_1_2_01 final -
M_1_3_01 final -
M_1_3_02 final -
M_1_3_03 final -
M_1_4_01 final -
M_1_5_01 final -
M_1_5_02_TOOL final -
M_1_5_03_TOOL final -
M_1_5_04_TOOL final -
M_1_6_01_TOOL final TODO: mesh ribbons?
M_1_6_02_TOOL final TODO: mesh ribbons?

M.2 Lissajou

example state comments
M_2_1_01 final -
M_2_2_01 final -
M_2_3_01 final -
M_2_3_02 final -
M_2_4_01 final -
M_2_5_01 final -
M_2_5_02_TOOL final -
M_2_6_01_TOOL final TODO: Update with a new Dialog window and its bang on Loaded
M_2_6_01_TOOL_TABLET final TODO: Update with a new Dialog window and its bang on Loaded

M.3 Shapes

example state comments
M_3_1_01 final -
M_3_2_01 final -
M_3_2_02 final -
M_3_2_03 final -
M_3_2_04 final -
M_3_2_05 final This example is completely missing because... Original note: Same as _04, only demonstrates how to use indexing in order to increase performance in processing. Indexing is used in vvvv anyway.
M_3_3_01 final -
M_3_3_02 final -
M_3_3_03 final -
M_3_3_04 final -
M_3_4_01_TOOL final -
M_3_4_02 final -
M_3_4_03_TOOL final Updated. Joreg, would you please check it?
M_3_5_01 final -

M.4 Attractors

example state comments
M_4_1_01 correcting macht wenig sinn wenn vvvv atractor benutzt wird...
M_4_2_01 correcting 2 renderer wegen mouse- ok? ASPECT ratio!!! clamping at the borders..
M_4_2_02 correcting parameters??force calculation
M_4_2_03 - parameters??force calculation
M_4_2_04 - parameters??force calculation
M_4_3_01_TOOL correcting affecting different layers? bezier vertixes?
M_4_4_01_TOOL - -

M.5 Tree Diagrams

example state comments
M_5_1_01 correcting -
M_5_2_01 correcting -

M.6 Dynamic Data Structures

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