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This is experimental info!

Nuget packages work for both vvvv and vl and can contain nodes for both or only either vvvv or vl. For now packages need to still be manually distributed, later they can be installed via a package manager.

How to make a nuget package for vvvv

Prepare the package

Prepare a directory for your package with the following structure:

 MyPackId\assets              //any assets you want to distribute 
 MyPackId\vvvv\girlpower      //.v4p demo files
 MyPackId\vvvv\nodes\effects  //.fx files
 MyPackId\vvvv\nodes\modules  //.v4p module files
 MyPackId\vvvv\nodes\plugins  //vvvv plugin .dll files
 MyPackId\vvvv\nodes\vl       //.vl files that contain nodes for vvvv
 MyPackId\MyPackId.vl         //the main .vl file that is not for use by vvvv directly

where MyPackId is the name of your package and all elements are of course optional if you don't use them.

Make the package

Please read very carefully!
  • Download the NuGet Package Explorer (sorry for the ms-store link, didn't find another one)
  • Run it and select "Create a new package"
The NuGet Package Explorer
  • In the left panel fill out at least the following metadata fields (for more info see nuspec)
    • Id (= MyPackId)
    • Version
    • Authors
    • Description
    • Tags: include at least "VL" and/or "vvvv". All tags need to be space separated!
  • Dragdrop the content of the directory MyPackId onto the right panel titled "Package contents"
    • When asked "Do you want to want to add the file ... to 'content' folder instead" say ->NO
  • File->Save the package next to your MyPackageId directory
    • This results in a file named: MyPackageId.Version.nupkg

The following two steps are ugly and are only necessary for now. They will later be removed:

  • File->Export the package and choose MyPackageId.Version as target directory next to your MyPackageId directory, where Version is the exact version you typed into the metadata
  • Copy the MyPackageId.Version.nupkg file you saved earlier into the MyPackageId.Version directory

Your resulting directory should therefore look something like this:

You can .zip and share this for other users to put into their \packs directory.