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OSCGlue 1.0alpha

  • OSCGlue is a VST plugin, which does no processing in the host, but broadcasts all received parameters as OSC messages over UDP.

downloadhttp://vvvv.org/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=818oscglue alpha1.0.zip (197.43 Kb)</a>

  • Use VST-Sequencers to send numerical parameters via OSC
  • Send standard MIDI events from the host as OSC parameters
  • Send timeline position as an OSC parameter.

possibilities are manyfold: Use Ableton Live or Cubase to control VVVV, MAX and PD patches, Flash, use the aforementioned languages to control realtime visuals DMX equipment, Video Switchers, Servo Motors etc. via sequencing software. Scrub videos in sync to the sequencer. Simulate MTC output from Ableton Live.

OSCGlue is a simple 24hours hack and may contain bugs. It seems to work under Ableton Live and VVVV. The Plugin will work only under Windows. Receiving messages under other platforms should be possible. Please report your findings. Please direct all questions in the VVVV-Dreams&Rocknroll forum.


  • put the enclosed oscglue.dll and oscglue.ini into your VST plugin folder, and make your host application recognize the plugin.
  • open up oscglue.ini with a text editor. Here you can edit how many and what parameter your plugin should have -- See section below.
  • open up your VST host. use the attached vvvv patch for testing.
  • for each parameter you declare in the plugin, you will receive OSC messages /pluginname/parameter as a broadcast UDP
  • this should be it.

Advanced Features

  • in case you want use several plugins controlling different things, make a copy of the dll and the ini and give them a different name. edit the ini file at will to let your new plugin behave differently. make sure the two files differ only in the extension.
  • in case you want to receive timing information over OSC, set SendTimeCode to 1. In case you do not want to have timing information, make sure to set SendTimeCode to 0 to save bandwith.
  • in case the plugins receives MIDI, you will get OSC messages for each Note, Ctrl, PgmCh, PTouch, ATouch, Bend event which gets received
  • the plugin may show that the OSCdecoder in VVVV is not as advanced as we like it to have. beg joreg for a spreadable update.

Example Configuration file

the syntax of the file format is a standard windows .ini file.

 ; use this port send udp data
 ; Note: OSCGlue will always broadcast your data. 
 ; Be friendly to your network administrator. 
 UDPPort = 9999
 ; name of the plugin, will be used in OSC messages. Some Hosts
 ; might display this. in case you leave this out, it will default
 ; to the name of the DLL
 Name = OSCGlue
 ; Set this to 1, if you want to send time messages with the 
 ; current song position. Song position will be given in seconds.
 ; if SendTimeCode is activated, the vst plugin will be created 
 ; as an audio effects processor (so it will need an audio 
 ; track in e.g. ableton live)
 ; if SendTimeCode is deactivated it will work as as a synth 
 ; plugin
 SendTimeCode = 1
 ; time code will be received in OSC as /OSCGlue/Time
 ; ----------------
 ; now we can add parameters. 
 ; for each variable you want to have in your plugin, create
 ; the following block: 
 ; this will be received in OSC as /OSCGlue/Frequency
 ; this will be received in OSC as /OSCGlue/Lamp1
 ; this will be received in OSC as /OSCGlue/Lamp2


OSC Glue is (c) by Sebastian Oschatz / meso.
All rights reserved.

This plugin wouldn´t be in existence without the wonderful and well documented vst-delphi wrapper by Tobias Fleischerhttp://www.tobybear.de Thank You Very Much!

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