» Change Log - vvvv40beta21
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Change Log - vvvv40beta21

released on 15 04 09


  • S+H & switches optimized for unused inputs. you now can better profile your patches.
  • tabbed patches no longer utilize CPU + further speed improvements in large setups with multiple tabbed patches
  • new commandline argument: /dontregister: probihibts registration of addflow, directshowfilter and .v4p filetype
  • freeframes finally work again without .net2 installed
  • resize windows proportionally by pressing CTRL while resizing one of its sides
  • Effects Transform Parameters can now deal with arrays + a little fix for initialized Value arrays (as e.g. with VertexNoise effect)
  • a disabled windowborder can now be saved (via parent-patch only!)
  • no more nasty desktop-reload-flash on vvvv startup

new nodes

  • WithinView, WithinProjection, WithinNormaizedProjection, WithinViewport (Transform) for more or less camera and render independent 3d layers
  • Billboard (Transform) for 3d layers always facing the viewer
  • OneSided (Transform) e.g. for always readable text
  • Compare (String) a case-insensitive comparison between two supplied strings.
  • HID (Devices), HIDDecode (Devices) and HIDEncode (Devices) should make it possible to send/receive data from HID Devices.
  • eNet (Devices ecue Config) sets the Nic IP the ecue nodes should bind to
  • Verlet (Spreads Simple) calculates a simple verlet integration chain (translation of c# code originally written by milo)
  • Info (Enumerations) returns all Enums with Defaults and all their Entries.

fixed nodes

  • Ping (Network) now deals with hostnames and ips
  • Select (MySQL) no longer has random dropouts when queried every frame
  • XPath (XML) should be faster in some cases, and it shouldn't loose memory anymore
  • VideoIn no longer BSODs with logitech qc pro 9000 (could also be relevant for other cams that had this problem)
  • Renderer (HTML URL) rewritten. no longer pops up javascript errors. now has an additional WindowHandle output useful if you need to send windowmessages (like mouseclicks) to the webbrowser.
  • Separate (String) no longer freezes with large spreadcounts
  • Expr (Value) evaluates expressions consisting of only one variable correctly now.
  • Changed flag is correctly propagated through io (node) nodes

changed nodes

  • MidiController (Devices), MidiController (Devices Relative) and MidiNote (Devices) do not output all combinations of midi channel and controller number anymore.
  • Box, Cylinder, Grid, Sphere, Text & Torus (EX9.Geometry) mesh creator nodes are spreadable now
  • Tokenizer (String) now can deal with separators that consist of more than one character
  • Keyboard (System Global) has a new pin called Buffered Keyboard Output
  • Added 4th blend weight and 4 blend indices to VertexBuffer (EX9.Geometry Split).
  • Expr (Value) uses new expression parser from JEDI code library.
    • (+) Much faster evaluation (about 10 times faster than old Expr node and about 40% faster than equivalent vvvv patch -> at least for tested expression 'sqrt(sqr(a)+sqr(b))').
    • (-) Not as many operators available as before. Of course equivalent functions for missing operators were added.
  • GlyphInfo (String) has a new output: Position that returns relative positions for all characters in the given string

new modules

  • Multiscreen (EX9) and MultiViewport (EX9)
  • Damper (Animation Jump)
  • Decompose (Transfom Vector)
  • NoSymTex (Transform)
  • TextureScale (Transform)
  • Grid (EX9 Test)

changed modules

  • Sprite (DX9) now respects Aspect Ratio of Texture
  • fixed ScreenNumber (EX9)


  • now support Enum in- and outputs and Mesh and Layer outputs
  • new Text (EX9) plugin
  • new ColladaFile (EX9.Geometry) + Mesh (EX9.Geometry Collada) plugins

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