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Numark Orbit Mapper

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Hi all,

I tried to build a midi-mapper for the Numark Orbit, a wireless dj/vj controller.

  • The node only works in combination with the vvvv.json mapping file included in the zip file, which you can open and use with the Numark Orbit Editor(downloadhttp://www.numark.com/ozone).
  • Once you've opened the vvvv.json, you can see how I mapped the Orbit,feel free to change colours and behaviour, but don't change channels or notes, that will screw it in VVVV.
  • The Patch: I tried to arrange it as logical as possible, just link the outputs to the desired inputs.
  • I preconfigured the 4 Pad Banks in the following way:
  Pad Bank 1-3: PadBangs with 2 toggles at the inner lowest row
                K1-K4 are working as faders from 0-1, as well as the 
                motion controllers.
  Pad Bank 4:   same as 1-3, but intended as color outputs, changeable
                in the Editor.
  • The patch doesn't work when the Editor is opened at the same time.

It's not perfect, but maybe useful for some of you :)

have fun!



24.10.13 [22:04 UTC] by Element | 1011 downloads

metrowave 25/10/2013 - 09:22

Excellent...I was waiting for this. thank you for sharing.

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