» Voyage en Polygonies ( Puppets Theatre /France / 2009)
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Voyage en Polygonies ( Puppets Theatre /France / 2009)

VVVV was used in this full realtime video work to manage video and sound. VVVV was remoted in art-net by my schwartzpeter, using its abilities of cues , times and events handling, and of course light managing.

This show is a 47 minutes show, and contains about 16 very differents scenes.
It was completely created from scratch during improvisations and rehearsals. No plan, no global view of what it will be at the end.
And every scene is ovelapping the other graphically, between video caracters or decor elements. Wich means no Subpatch loading !

In this way, VVVV was fabulous, and my choice to use other tools for recording cues and playing time transitions was very wise, as a lot of things were moving from day to day, all along the rehearsals. The problematic of storing and preseting was completely exited by using schwartzpeter.

This was my very first attempt for a complete and complex show with VVVV. Next time, I will try to work with others, as developping and patch handling is somewhere killing the time in your head for artistic and creation.
But well, VVVV is terrific. Thanks devvvvs .... and thanks for the support when bugs or philosophical questions !

photo Phil Journee

some videos from rehearsals : http://vimeo.com/9068424

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