» Nomadix - interaction on the move - Tunis WSIS - suisse pavillon d'honneur
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Nomadix - interaction on the move - Tunis WSIS - suisse pavillon d'honneur

"nomadix" is a project by students of HyperWerk at the University of Applied Sciences in Basel. It shows how progressive education is becoming a creative reality in the Swiss information society.

The Government of Tunisia, the host country of the second phase of WSIS, has kindly invited Switzerland to present itself as host country of the first phase in a honorary pavilion at the WSIS 2005 in Tunis. Switzerland's contribution to discussion about information society is "nomadix".

totally patched with vvvv


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~2d ago

andresc4: DX11 Particles + Kinect2 + real led cube https://www.instagram.com/p/Ci6xWGjrFmK/

~4d ago

joreg: @manuel: good stuff, thanks for sharing!

~4d ago

manuel: this happened in september vvvv+ableton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2kFsho3ajA

~5d ago

guest: SSR

~2mth ago

karistouf: i m searching for a solution on a cylinder end and 3 Hittest... tx https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/hitest-on-a-cylinder-end-in-3d/20725

~2mth ago

mediadog: @schlonzo Oh just wait - see how far we have already come: http://old.noirflux.com/VideoFiles/FireAndIce-1.m4v

~2mth ago

schlonzo: it is really hot here