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FPS Project

credits Artcraft 2017 - www.artcraft-zone.com


A funny project realized in my free time.

A cross platform project
Based on a physic engine (VVVV + Bullet) and a graphic engine (Touch Designer) in interaction with GPU shared memory to send messages through the two engines.

Fps Project 1

Why two Engines ?
At first I started with VVVV only, but for performance reasons I chose to separate the physical engine from the graphics engine. TouchDesigner have a very powerfull graphic capabilities.

Fps Project 1

The physical engine
Based on Bullet physics and VVVV, it is a quasi correct representation of reality, with gravity, collisions and forces applied to the moving elements.

Fps Project 1

The graphic engine
Based on the TouchDesigner engine, it works in forward shading with a pool of interchangeable lights. The materials are based on phong PBR shader with a multi layer normal mapping.

Fps Project 1

The interaction between the platforms
The two Engines communicate thanks to a system of data conversion in gpu and through shared memory with spout.

Fps Project 1

Data Management
All data are processed in VVVV, mouse and keyboard inputs, applied forces, skinned animations and cameras movements, then everything is sent to the graphics engine.

Project page : http://artcraft-zone.com/interactions/fps-engine-vvvv-touchdesigner/

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eno: @vux I'd like to become a patreon, but is there a possibility for a onetime donation? I'd rather pay 1x 1000 than 20x50.

~12h ago

Gareth.Griffiths: There's a really nice 3D text demo with the text being made from lines, anyone remember the name?

~19h ago

catweasel: @eglod, thats why many of us are working on timelines in VL...

~20h ago

eglod: Is there any possibility to copy and paste tracks in timelinerSA. I need it very much, is it very difficult to program this?

~1d ago

joreg: wanna make sure your projects will run with upcoming beta36? test them against the release candidate and report: beta36-release-candidate

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colorsound: @vux thanks a lot for the update , my eternal gratitude.@ andresc4 @skyliner very happy you liked it. Big scale coming soon ;D

~2d ago

andresc4: I just gave my 2 cents tu Vux. BTW Laser things made by colorsound and dominikkoller are amazing!!!

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dottore: thanks vux

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Noir: big up vux