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Scripter (CSharp)

Credits: TextEditor https://github.com/icsharpcode/AvalonEdit | dark theme https://github.com/elentok/sharpdevelop-darkcolorscheme | Elias


call it dynamic plugins for the ultra-lazy
call it Expr (Value) on steroids


hack some c# code into scripters nicely dark textview window and voila

if you have no idea about c# and plugins, see it as an even easier way to get into it. it's just about the plain code here, nearly no structural things you can get wrong here

if you are familiar with vvvv plugins you can really hack around here, per instance... read on

so what's the difference to dynamic plugins?

  • Scripter handles pin creation for you, along the in and output parameters of your method
  • provide a method per slice, the looping and wrapping over the spread is handled internally
  • scripter compiles per instance which comes very handy if you just use it for snippets, and don't want to clutter your app with micro c# projects with obscure naming only you understand



  • Config pin for adding references: point to a .dll, semicolon separated
  • compiler upgrade to handle c#6 if available, aligned with the vvvv CS CodeEditor (meaning when used with > vvvv35.8)
  • plugins internal Evaluate only shows up with <vvvv35.8, else it uses vvvv native's pin


  • quickfixing plugin's Evaluate pin conflicting with vvvv native one introduced in 36 alpha version


reworked the codebase (towards codeceompletion) so:

  • code shows up with the real linenumbers ->
  • basic error markers on compilation errors

finally defeated vvvvs native keyboard and window handling:

  • ctrl +/-/0 for zoom in/out/reset
  • ctrl + s to trigger immediate recompilation (additional to the window loosing focus)
  • ctrl + # for (un)commenting (how could i have forgotten this?)

IO stuff:

  • default values on input parameters are mapped to default values of pins
  • ref keyword creates outputs as well (comes handy for bin sized pins)
  • ILogger, IHDEHost, IPluginHost & INode2 as input parameters gets the imports instead of creating pins
  • proper sorting of (reused) pins on code change


  • fixed init bug (occurred when creating from nodebrowser and not duplicating existing one)


  • ALT + 0 for zoom reset
  • fixed windowed mode
  • fixed TAB not working


  • syntax highlighting
  • basic editorshortcuts
  • zoom via Alt++ and ALT+- (since Ctrl++ is reserved)
  • reserved input "int index" to get the counter at which slice of the spread the method is actually at
  • download

    05.04.18 [23:16 UTC] by woei | 352 downloads
    Scripter v.1.5 AnyCPU
    Show 4 older revisions

    Older Revisions

    14.02.16 [15:26 UTC] by woei | 461 downloads
    Scripter v.1.3 AnyCPU
    11.01.16 [17:42 UTC] by woei | 356 downloads
    Scripter v.1.2 AnyCPU
    09.01.16 [14:03 UTC] by woei | 316 downloads
    Scripter v.1.1 AnyCPU
    06.01.16 [19:56 UTC] by woei | 339 downloads
    Scripter v.1 AnyCPU

u7angel 09/01/2016 - 00:06

0 downloads ? not true i guess...

good stuff woei ! is code completion doable ?

woei 09/01/2016 - 15:08

was wondering about the downloads already

code completion, folding and all the other ide convenience stuff is quite a shoe. would probably be easier to (mis)use the internal editor (which still looks like a lot of work)

sebescudie 09/01/2016 - 15:39

that's sweeeeet !
thanks woei

mediadog 11/01/2016 - 05:24

The example patch works, but when I try to add a new Scripter node I only get a white window that opens, and I cannot type in it or do anything. This is with 34.2x86 on Win7 x64. How is one to start a new node?

microdee 11/01/2016 - 13:25

i think the downloads counter is broken

woei 11/01/2016 - 18:45

my fault, never tried to create a fresh node from nodebrowser. duplication worked with the old version.
bug fixed now

mediadog 11/01/2016 - 19:00

Ahhh, MUCH better, thank you!

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~23h ago

tgd: @karistouf: had the same issue days ago. reinstall Visual C++ Runtime 2012 from downloads

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SuperflysiNZ: Thanks