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particle emitter

Credits: gaussian blur effect inside.


lets you emit particles at a specific event. idea came up, when i saw a emitting system in vvvv. basically i just improved it a bit and attached the gaussian blur effect. further development appreciated... :)



26.03.11 [18:54 UTC] by dl-110 | 2302 downloads
version 1.0

sapo 27/03/2011 - 03:07

i'd like it in 3d! actually is 2d only.. loooking in the patch... i'v tried to make the generation with the vux's bullet plugin but i can't figure how to destroy single old bodies..

dl-110 27/03/2011 - 15:43

hey sapo. maybe i´ll find some time within the next days so i can convert the patch to the 3rd dimension. don´t know if its going to work with the gridsegment node i´m currently using... and spheres... well spheres are possible but a bit heavy and i think the framerate would drop hard. we´ll see.
killing "old" bodies isn´t that simple, since there is only a small amount of bodies which are used over and over again... see explanation beneath the patch...

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~1mth ago

mediadog: @ggml Yup, lots. Only used in 4.x, haven't tried in 5.x yet: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/simple-udp-tcp-socket-client

~1mth ago

ggml: someone has sent udp bytes to unreal ?

~2mth ago

micha_nismus: worked out, thank you very much ! :-)

~2mth ago

joreg: @micha_nismus does this help? https://youtu.be/xkrbT45BgOQ

~2mth ago

micha_nismus: thx joerg. Can anybody help me why i can't see any renderer in gamma? thx :-)

~2mth ago

joreg: @micha_nismus instead of discord, we're using matrix, see: chat

~2mth ago

micha_nismus: searching for a public discord server for vvvv

~2mth ago

joreg: Join us for the 20th #vvvv meetup on January 19th: https://thenodeinstitute.org/event/20-worldwide-vvvv-meetup/

~2mth ago

joreg: @schlonzo re "SDSL support" did you see the Shader wizard? or do you mean something different?