» Martin Roboscan Pro 518
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Martin Roboscan Pro 518

module dmx fixture
Credits: kalle


Convenience module for a Martin Roboscan Pro 518.


MartinRoboscan518 (DMXfixture).zip
24.02.11 [22:22 UTC] by dEp | 602 downloads
added lamp on/off switches
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MartinRoboscan518 (DMXfixture).zip
21.02.11 [21:13 UTC] by dEp | 428 downloads

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~22h ago

tonfilm: @beyon you can also use F# together with #vl, see: #fsharp #dotnet #visualprogramming https://github.com/vvvv/VL.DemoLib/tree/master/src/VL.FSharpDemoLib

~1d ago

beyon: tonfilm: Ok,currently using F# though but maybe I should look into sharpdx vs xenko math

~2d ago

tonfilm: @beyon #vl also fills these gaps with huge range of collision detection math from #sharpdx which is basically the same as #xenko's

~2d ago

tonfilm: vvvv #audio pack update: better buffer reader and fixed #vl template #visualprogramming #creativecoding #dotnet vvvv.audio-pack-alpha

~2d ago

beyon: microdee: Good, I found Xenko.Core.Mathematics filled many gaps in SlimDX ray/point/plane/bbox functions

~2d ago

microdee: "if you want to make a custom project only using Xenko graphics API without the full Xenko engine, you can!" https://xenko.com/blog/feature-spotlight-xenko-3-1-and-nuget/

~3d ago

m4d: @circuitb: looking good :)

~4d ago

joreg: berlin, london, paris, who's next? thanks for organizing this @sebescudie

~5d ago

sebescudie: in Paris and into #vvvv ? Let's have a bier next Wednesday ! https://bit.ly/2z4BnKQ