» WireworldCam ( 2003 )
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WireworldCam ( 2003 )

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© 2002 - 2010 / Copyright by ENUM |

  • this Project was made as a kind of music video, with

an own "GamePad-VisualSystem" ( vvvv patch / 3D )
This "Game" is made for testing an individual setup,
using that physical Remote via vvvv, .. ( later to have a multiuser tool )

Controller: Microsoft Sidewinder Game Pad, Gamepad

Audio: http://www.lastfm.de/music/Autechre
Software: VVVV / ( http://vvvv.org )


1rst level mapped to the toggles.. ( GamePad )
2nd level mapped to physical moves.. ( xyz-depth )
3rd input was mapped to frequency/of music.. ( improvised + fft )

Presentation = using GamePad for "VisualMusic" ( 2003 )
Website = http://friends-of-tracking-data.org/

Newsletter = friends( et )share.dj


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