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I'm happy to introducing the 2nd vvvv book in the world will be released in Japan!



outline of the book

  • the contents: this book is a practical guidebook of vvvv for beginners who want to start learning about media art, prototyping, and interactive design.
  • the author: Minoru Ito / Takuya Hoshi
  • publisher: BNN Inc. (http://www.bnn.co.jp/EG/)
  • format: 257 x 182 mm, soft cover with jacket, 4 color
  • price: 3,200 Japanese yen + tax
the composition of the title:
    • Chapter 1:  Introduction - outline, examples, download & install, girlpower
    • Chapter 2:  Basics - about programming, vvvv GUI, vvvv programming, tutorial (generative art)
    • Chapter 3:  Rapid Prototyping - using media, image processing, IO
    • Chapter 4: Case Study - sound synchronized images, internet data visualization
    • Chapter 5:  Advanced - v4p as xml, Shader, Plugin, future topics

also we got special message from vvvv group and take an interview to Julien Vulliet (vux), Elliot Woods, and Takuma Nakata!

I already announced it and did cover art competition here.

the winner is... Pedro Mari (defetto)! congratulations!

we choose not only cover art, his visual artworks are also used as illustrations of our book.
thanks for all participants, and sorry for we cannot prepare enough pages for illustrations.

unfortunately, it's written in Japanese only and we don't have any web site of it.
but you can see introduction page of vvvvook in here:

if you wish, you can order from Amazon Japan ;)

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poo 30/01/2014 - 23:01

Congratulations! I am happy thanks to your contribution. In the next class term, I will be able to escape from hard work to translate lots of reference manuals into Japanese.
MORIOKA Yoshitomo

following: students final presentation of their basic or elementary works at Tokyo Zokei University of Art and Design, at the end of last year.

tekcor 31/01/2014 - 15:07

great work. good luck with the distribution, i shared it to my friends from japan..

mino 31/01/2014 - 16:27

Mr.Morioka (poo)>
Hi, I'm Minoru Ito. nice to meet you. I'm glad to find vvvv user in Japan and feel honored to help your class!

thanks. I knew your Human Genome project. it's awesome!

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