» V4W - Post Node Hangover
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V4W - Post Node Hangover

Who Hadasi
When Wed, Feb 27th 2013 - 18:30 until Wed, Feb 27th 2013 - 22:30
Where The Water Poet, 9-11 Folgate Street, Spitafields, E1 6BX, London, United Kingdom

If you made it to Node, come down for a drink and a natter. If you didn't, come down for a quick drink and a natter. If you have no idea what Node was and you're completely new to vvvv, come and have a drink and a natter. If you... just come join us next week, in a nice pub, where you can talk shop to your heart's content.

All the best,


PS please note this is a pub, not Modern Jago, but its nearby.

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metrowave 21/02/2013 - 00:35

Good idea!

Hadasi 21/02/2013 - 02:32


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~7h ago

evvvvil: "pencilvester's orthodoodle" orthographic raymarching gets all the birds chirpsing. https://www.shadertoy.com/view/wlyfWK

~15h ago

dottore: Kairos webinar! don't miss it ;) https://bit.ly/3quag3D

~3d ago

christosk: @schlonzo Thank you.

~3d ago

schlonzo: use different filenames :P counter is your friend

~3d ago

christosk: How do I record a sequence of images without having them overwriting one another? I

~8d ago

mediadog: Aha! Right-click on an image to get the source link

~8d ago