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SISTEMI EMOTIVI Interactive Wall

In Florenz Italy opened a new space for contempory art la Strozzina at Palazzo Strozzi. For the first exhibition “EMOTIONAL SYSTEMS Contemporary Art Between Emotion and Reason” Franziska Nori asked me to develop a Installation to visualize some of the contents of the exhibit. I developed an Interactive Wall which allows up to eight Visitor to navigate the contents created by Franzisak Nori and Dr. Martin Steinhoff. When a word is touched its implications show up or another content of a connected Layer moves to the center. The contents are related with the different factors of influence on the production of Art.


Concept and Content: Franziska Nori and Dr. Martin Steinhoff
Graphic: Martin Bader and Jochen Leinberger
Programming, Interaction Concept and Hardware: Jochen Leinberger
Many Thanks go to the Team of La Strozzina - I had some nice days on site while setting up the Installation.

The Exhibition is curated by Franziska Nori and Martin Steinhoff
30 November 2007 – 3 February 2008
Opening hours: daily 11,00 a.m.– 8,30 p.m. Monday closed

Technical Things:

The hole System is patched in vvvv.To handle all 300 entries in italian and english Language I scripted and patched a v4cck (v4 content creation kit). All words where written into one XML file. Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Script generated all 600 Textures as well as an XML file with attributes about size and position of the text content. The whole v4 Patch was controlled by this XML file and allowed precise positioning of the textures.


textCamera – The imaging source DMK21AU04 USB Cam @ 640×480
Light - IR-Scheinwerfer TV6825 - MEGA-LED L 25m 880nm
Beamer – BenQ PB8253
Cable Limit Switch – Télémecanique CCCN 85365080 (Lanuage Toggle)
PC Intel Dualcore 1,6 GHZ 1GB RAM
Graphics Card Gainward BLISS 8600GT PCX

Some pictures an Videos here

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