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shout by Westbam

Learn waht Firmata is and how to use it! firmata-arduino-and-vvvv-an-introduction

Westbam, Thursday, Aug 14th 2014  
Chapmanstein 06/06/2018 - 16:46

now the folder 'girlpower' contains only the "Arduino without Firmata" patch when you download it. I'm just starting with vvvv and the Arduino processor and I can't find any tutorial for that patch (or a patch called "Arduino using Firmata"). Can I ask for your help?

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~6d ago

yar: And now it's opertaional. It's just a concept, bugs expected

~6d ago

yar: sorry, one moment it's broken

~6d ago

yar: concept of genrative telegram bot: t.me/arktkbot

~7d ago

joreg: Reminder: Machine Learning for Interaction Designers webinar by sebescudie this Friday: https://thenodeinstitute.org/event/machine-learning-for-interaction-designers/

~8d ago

joreg: Live now: The 10th #vvvv online meetup: https://youtu.be/ShUefLRL_H0

~13d ago

karistouf: thank you @joreg