» Lucid - A/V performance
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Lucid - A/V performance

credits thanks to vvvv-kinect-openi sceleton patches!!! and biggest thanks to vvvv!

  • check the video of performance

Sometimes it seems as if I were looking at myself from the outside. As if the imaginary camera eye moved away from first person view to third person view. I think it is an error in perception. Brain creates reality in itself after all and senses are only reference points for its creation. But I know what a feeling it is. It is as to look at the whole chaos of life from from above and to feel the line around which new events spring up. It is a united line which is the median of everything that happens.

In my work I'm looking for a composition in visual and audio chaos which which is unified by one line. I am accepting chaos and falling into it while still trying to have control over what I am doing. It is as lucid dreaming - lucid or dreaming awake is dreaming while being aware of dreaming. Operating the installation is like searching for the house in which I am - I will never find it but I can feel it.

The interface works through kinect - a device for the game console xbox 360, and the visual coding software vvvv. The piece can be comprehended as a musical instrument which is an innovative combination of object control and work with the body. This is the first version that will evolve into a more complex performance.

The work originated from the impulse at kinect workshop in progressbar and it was displayed as an output of this workshop at the festival Multiplace 2011 in Bratislava. The pieces at the festival work as remakes and my installation works with the folloiwing: "Wojciech Bruszewski - The Music of BEhaviours" a "David Rokeby (1982) - Very Nervous System (1986-1990)"

link for this work in my portfolio: http://vitazek.com/?portfolio=lucid

Photo of performance
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StiX 09/05/2011 - 00:54

btw how to insert embed video into blog?

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~13h ago

auralscapes: Don't have a clue how this all works but it is going to be an interesting journey indeed.

~4d ago

tonfilm: @all #vl now also has pin groups! vl-input-and-output-pin-groups #vvvv #creativecoding #visualprogramming #dotnet

~4d ago

evvvvil: Hey, broski, check my shader "The gamma ray feast" it goes bang and is commented with bad to mediocre jokes. https://www.shadertoy.com/view/wssXWl

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hrovac: someone at b-seite on saturday?

~7d ago

woei: public player-(dx11.texture) performance and stability upgrade sponsored by https://meso.design/

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joreg: final call: participate in the 2019 Survvvvey: https://goo.gl/forms/g3t6gwSwUfZwMOyd2 closing today midnight CET. #vvvv

~7d ago

karistouf: does anybody can point to me Bass DSP ressources working with VVVV ? merci :)

~9d ago

esnho: @takuma I played, so nice!Controlled with tablet or using node.js