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I am VjRacks - Layer WIP

geometrica, Tuesday, Jul 23rd 2013 Digg | Tweet | Delicious 2 comments  
manuel 25/07/2013 - 07:08

i love this koala

synth 24/12/2013 - 01:01

Is this going to be released?
I ask because it makes me want to build my own Vj soft, and thanks to your amazing modules it is possible!

Keep it up man :)

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~8h ago

metrowave: Collection of replicable research: http://www.replicabilitystamp.org/

~10h ago

~4d ago

joreg: @ravazquez always trying to diversivvvvy...

~5d ago

ravazquez: I did not know you were making plates as well: http://www.clairewan.com/

~8d ago

evvvvil: "Pounding Aldebaran" raymarching shader live coded on Twitch. https://www.shadertoy.com/view/tt3SWB

~9d ago

joreg: Tomorrow Thrs, Feb 12: #vvvv Patching Circle: We're there to help! https://gettogether.community/events/3965/vvvv-berlin-patching-circle-5/ No excuses, it's free and there are drinks!

~14d ago

evvvvil: "The reaper's gallows" shader live coded on twitch. Abrasive comments back by popular demand. https://www.shadertoy.com/view/ttcSD4

~17d ago