» Twitter API 1.1 authentication and request
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Twitter API 1.1 authentication and request

Credits: https://dev.twitter.com/docs/auth/application-only-auth by Soundreactor


makes twitter api calls with modified headers in HTTP Post and Get

1. create an app at: https://dev.twitter.com/apps
2. enter your consumer key and secret.
3. obtain bearer token via this plugin.
4. make your api request via this plugin.


  • This version is non-async :( (i'll make it async as soon as possible)

have problems? look at the TTY or ask..


31.05.13 [16:39 UTC] by soundreactor | 626 downloads
non async version

tekcor 30/01/2014 - 02:42

hi soundreactor!

Thanks for the serious plugins. It seems like they changed a little bit the Access Token answer. I updated this and then it worked.

But shouldn't tweets also work?


I cannot get it to work. Do you know what could be wrong?

I uploaded the updated, working patch with the open question here post-tweets-with-twitter-api


anonymous user login


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