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Credits: shadertoy, sebl, Bradley Austin Davis, vvvv team


This is a bunch of DX11 effects that let you use shadertoys as skyboxes. I've borrowed the idea of doing this from Bradley Austin's book Oculus Rift in Action and decided to use it into the vvvv environment.


Shadertoys were always magical things for me. There is infinite beauty in ability to build entire world with pure maths, using fractals, distance functions, raytracing and all the staff. The result can totally blows ones mind. But the problem is that shadertoy is a pixel shader. In three dimensional space it is represented as a quad with 2d texture. It reminds a window to another realm. You can't put a 3d model inside or use vvvv cameras to rotate the view.

What's in it

Shaderboxes allows you to immerse in shaders. This contribution contains some effects, witch you can use to wrap whole 3d scenes in shadertoys.



Besides a couple of converted shaders there is a small HowTo patch in /girlpower folder, that explains how to convert one particular shadertoy to skybox.


  • Make sure you have DX11 pack

Practical use

I've created the contribution to play with it. Initially my main intention was to be able to travel through fractals in VR glasses, but I see more practical usage in creation of procedural skyboxes of all kinds.


13.08.18 [00:01 UTC] by umanema | 607 downloads
initial upload

andresc4 14/08/2018 - 05:55

This looks awesome!
Did you make it work in VR ?

umanema 14/08/2018 - 07:59

Thanks, man

You can easily make it work in VR by adding shaderbox to the scene. Though some of the shaders are resource hogs and you have to keep an eye on fps.

avilahuerta 27/03/2019 - 19:59


Thanks for your contribution. I had played myself with shadertoy shaders and ported to VVVV but with shaderbox it is easier. I have one question: i have seen in shadertoy that some shaders have buffers (bufferA, bufferB, ...). So far I did not manage to conevrt those shaders to be used in VVVV. Do you have suggestions on how to do it?.

Thanks a lot.

umanema 25/04/2019 - 10:46

Hey avilahuerta,

Sorry for the late answer. Basically buffers on Shadertoy are multiple passes, which means that you first render texture in a BufferA and pass it further to next buffer or a final shader part. I'm not aware if vvvv's hlsl implementation still does not support multiple passes. Probably not.

There is a basic workaround tutorial effects multiple passes
Just split the whole shader to several parts according to number of buffers and pass texture from one shader to another.

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