» PolyMap (beta, VL only)
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PolyMap (beta, VL only)

module projection-mapping polygon
Credits: all credits go to vvvv + community


In order to get my head around a (triangulization) plugin I intend to write I decided to start by patching the logics surrounding it and it turns out- thanks to the glorious power of vvvv and the (new?) ClippingEar plugin- a simple version of this can be fully patched; and here it is:

Draw any polygonal shape on a texture to select this part of the texture, then transform this (textured) shape in your output/projection. Multiple shapes supported.
This can also be used in 3d mapping situations, eg in Egypt, as a last step to compensate for differences in virtual/real properties of your mapping object/projectors.


  • based on PointEditor -> VL ONLY; basically you can exchange the PointEditor with a spread to get this to work without VL, not done here for ease of use.
  • still beta for several reasons, mostly because I've just done this now and haven't tested it ;) also triangulization won't be fine enough for heavy output transformations (will "break" your texture), probably not fast enough too; but it should work fine in simple cases, especially when working with triangles.


  • better triangulization (where needed); will work on this asap.
  • transform options for individual shapes; might come if PointEditor supports multiple lines
  • bezier shapes; requires to add support for closed bezier curves to BezierEditor
  • option to add holes to shapes, might come with better triangulization
  • DX11
  • download

    PolyMap (EX9).zip
    13.04.16 [05:41 UTC] by digitalwannabe | 521 downloads
    v0.1 beta

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