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Minimum Polygon Distance

plugin 2d Distance geometry polygon
Credits: Hormoz Pirzadeh


Get minimal distance of two or more arbitrary convex polygons.
Calculation using Rotating Calipers.

Should work with polygons of any edge point number.

Please note that:

  • Polygons have to be convex
  • Corner points of polygons have to be ordered clockwise
  • No collision detection is performed (i.e. overlapping polygons do not have a distance of zero. Probably could use HitTest (2d Polygon)for that.

Outputs a distance matrix containing all distances between all input polygons. Also, the closest points between the polygons are supplied.

Not heavily tested - use with caution!
Any feedback or suggestions for improvement is welcome.
Work partly commissioned by This.Play


10.03.14 [23:39 UTC] by motzi | 582 downloads

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