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Credits: phl ,puig and Geometrica Studio


Just an update to retrieve Adobe Kuler Themes.
I found this legacy thread,kuler-update , and i decided to make it simpler and more useful. Fixed the Urls, improved the method to search or get feeds ,added a save & load preset function, and retrieve of the theme title
All you´ll need is an adobe kuler key to make it work.
Very useful for color gradients or palettes creation.
Only Works with beta 29 (depend of asstring(raw) node)


Kuler 2012 (Color).zip
29.12.12 [04:53 UTC] by geometrica | 713 downloads
Kuler 2012

gegenlicht 06/01/2013 - 12:10

nice work! A friend has created a few kuler themes and i would like to access them directly.
Is there a way of getting a list of all the themes that user has created?

I cant find any info on which rss links are created by kuler for user themes. Maybe im just missing something :) ? Or is there an easy way to list my favorites?

thx for this kul contribution :>

Geometrica Studio 07/01/2013 - 00:18

hi gegenlicht, in the web page of adobe kuler API, you can find the documentation, as far as i know, if you introduce the username in the search term field, you will get all themes by this user, did you try this?

anonymous user login


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