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Android Rotation&Acceleration

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Credits: thx vux for the math help!


Another Xmas, another year, another small contrib for you about Android&vvvv!
A patch to get absolute orientation and linear acceleration from android devices.
!!Orientation requires a android device with magnetic compass!!
This patch can use 2 different android apps, HyperIMU thru Wifi or SensoDuino thru Bluetooth.
The orientation part it's not really finished but works well if you don't need 1:1 precision(see inside the orientation node).
On some device it needs a bit of index tweaking inside the servers subpatch.
HyperIMU app is the best for performance while with from SensoDuino it's possible to get a lot more data like from the light sensor, the mic volume, the proximity sensor, gps, temperature, and more..

Happy Xmass and holidavvvvs ;)


25.12.14 [07:25 UTC] by sapo | 458 downloads

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auralscapes: Don't have a clue how this all works but it is going to be an interesting journey indeed.

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