The IHDEHost type exposes the following members.


Public methodGetCurrentTime Obsolete.
Returns the current frame time which the plugin should use if it does timebased calculations.
Public methodGetEnumEntry
Returns the name of a given EnumEntry of a given Enum.
Public methodGetEnumEntryCount
Returns the number of entries for a given Enum.
Public methodGetNodeFromPath
Returns an INode2 given a slash-separated string of node IDs that uniquely identifies that node.
Public methodGetXMLSnippetFromSelection
Gives access to the XML-snippet describing the current selection in the active patch.
Public methodOpen
Opens the given file.
Public methodSelectNodes
Selects the given nodes in their patch.
Public methodSendXMLSnippet
Allows sending of XML-message snippets to patches.
Public methodSetComponentMode
Sets the component mode of the given nodes associated GUI.
Public methodSetRealTime
Initialize the internal realtime clock to a specific value
Public methodShowEditor
Opens the editor of the given node.
Public methodShowGUI
Opens the GUI of the given node.
Public methodShowHelpPatch
Opens the help-patch of the given nodeinfo.
Public methodShowNodeReference
Opens the online-reference page on for the given nodeinfo.
Public methodUpdateEnum
Allows a plugin to create/update an Enum with vvvv.


Public propertyActivePatchWindow
The currently selected patch window.
Public propertyAddonFactories
The addon factories used to collect node infos and create nodes.
Public propertyBoygroupServerIP
The IP adress of the boygroup server.
Public propertyDeviceService
Provides access to Direct3D9 devices created by vvvv.
Public propertyExePath
Gets the full path to the vvvv.exe.
Public propertyExposedNodeService
Provides access to nodes that have been exposed for being remotely controlled
Public propertyFrameTime
The current host frame time which the plugin should use if it does timebased calculations.
Public propertyIsBoygroupClient
Indicates whether this IHDEHost is a client in a boygroup.
Public propertyMainLoop
Gets the main loop, which exposes events from the main loop.
Public propertyRealTime
The realtime in seconds since the IHDEHost was created. On boygroup clients this ist the time since the server IHDEHost was created, synced over network. This time is not frame based, each call will return a new time.
Public propertyRoot
Returns an interface to the graphs root node.
Public propertyRootNode
Returns an interface to the graphs root node.


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