Pluginterfaces V2


Public classComponentModeEventArgs
Public classConfigAttribute
Public classConfigEventArgs
Public classConnectionEventArgs
Public classEditorInfoAttribute
Public classEnumEntry
Represents a Key/Value Pair of an enum.
Public classEnumManager
Manages the global Enums of the HDEHost.
Public classInputAttribute
Public classIOAttribute
Common class that represents all available pin attributes. Note that not all properties make sense for every pin data type.
Public classIOBuildContext
An io build context is used during the build process of an io object. It contains all the necessary information of how to configure an io object and its container object when creating it.
Public classIOBuildContext<(Of <(<'TAttribute>)>)>
Public classIOContainerExtensions
Public classIOFactoryExtensions
Public classMouseEventArgs
Public classNodeCollection
Description of NodeCollection.
Public classNodeInfoExtensionMethods
Public classNodeSelectionEventArgs
Public classOutputAttribute
Public classPin<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Public classPinConnectionEventArgs
Public classPluginHostExtensions
Public classPluginInfoAttribute
Public classResource<(Of <(<'TDevice, TResource, TMetadata>)>)>
Public classSearchPath
Public classSpread<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
The spread data type
Public classSpreadExtensions
Public classSpreadUtils
Public classStartableAttribute
Public classWindowEventArgs


Public interfaceIAddonFactory
General addon factory
Public interfaceIDiffSpread<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Extension to the ISpread<(Of <(<'T>)>)> interface, to check if the data changes from frame to frame.
Public interfaceIEditor
Interface for all document editors. Use in combination with the EditorInfoAttribute to define with which file extensions this editor works with.
Public interfaceIEffectHost
Public interfaceIExposedNodeService
Provides access to nodes that have been exposed for being remotely controlled
Public interfaceIHDEHost
The interface to be implemented by a program to host IHDEPlugins.
Public interfaceIIOContainer
IO containers are used by the IO registry and IO factory to create and destroy all different types of in- and output classes like for example spreads and streams. Each of those classes are wrapped by an IO container in order to have one common interface to deal with in the registration process and to relieve those classes from additional dependencies to the plugin interface.
Public interfaceIIOContainer<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Public interfaceIIOFactory
An io factory provides methods to create io containers.
Public interfaceIIORegistry
The IO registry is the central place to register new io classes, like spreads or streams. It's instantiated only once on startup of vvvv and is used by IO factories to do their work. IO factories are instantiated per plugin.
Public interfaceIKommunikator
Allows the Kommunikator to be contacted by the host
Public interfaceIKommunikatorHost
Allows the Kommunikator to communicate back to its host
Public interfaceIMainLoop
Events occur in the order as defined here. If PresentUpFront is true, OnPresent will be the first event. If this is a boygroup client, OnNetworkSync will be the last event.
Public interfaceINode
Gives access to vvvv nodes
Public interfaceINodeBrowser
Allows the NodeBrower to be contacted by the host
Public interfaceINodeBrowserHost
Allows the NodeBrower to communicate back to the host
Public interfaceINodeInfo
Interface for the INodeInfo. Also see VVVV Naming Conventions.
Public interfaceINodeInfoFactory
Factory to create a nodeInfo.
Public interfaceINodeListener
Public interfaceIPin
Gives access to a vvvv nodes pins
Public interfaceIPinListener
Public interfaceIPluginEvaluate
Basic interface to provide a plugin with an Evaluate function.
Public interfaceIPluginHost2
Public interfaceIQueryDelete
Optional interface to provide a plugin with the possibility to prohibit its own deletion.
Public interfaceISpread<(Of <(<'T>)>)>
Common interface to the underlying input/output/config pins. Set/Get, Read/Write methods are only implemented when it makes sense.
Public interfaceIStartable
Interface to allow some code to be executed on startup.
Public interfaceIStartableRegistry
Public interfaceIStartableStatus
Public interfaceIWindow
Gives access to vvvv windows
Public interfaceIWindowSwitcher
Allows the WindowSwitcher to be contacted by the host
Public interfaceIWindowSwitcherHost
Allows the WindowSwitcher to communicate back to the host



Public enumerationBoundsType
Public enumerationComponentMode
Used to set the InitialComponentMode in IPluginInfo which specifies the ComponentMode for a plugin when it is being created.
Public enumerationModifier_Keys
The ModifierKeys Alt, Control and Shift
Public enumerationMouse_Buttons
The MouseButtons
Public enumerationNodeType
Used in INodeInfo to specify the type of the provided node.
Public enumerationPinDirection
Public enumerationPinVisibility
Used in the pin creating functions of IPluginHost to specifiy the initial visibility of the pin. If this is not set to FALSE then the option can be changed by the user via the Inspektor.
Public enumerationSearchPathState
Public enumerationSliceMode
Used in the pin creating functions of IPluginHost to specifiy possible SliceCounts.
Public enumerationStatusCode
Public enumerationStringType
Used to define a specific string type for pin creation
Public enumerationWindowType
Used in the pin creating functions of IPluginHost to specifiy possible SliceCounts.