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~8h ago

mediadog: Clicking on "Missing in 64 bit builds" goes to page with warning no longer maintained, but betadocs link has no such info.

~5d ago

nanotekt: VL.stride yet again ...this time nonphotorealistic https://youtu.be/_aALr2wcj0Y ...wish evvvveryone to be well!

~9d ago

nanotekt: a brief VL.stride study https://youtu.be/B2Nlz5VZ9lM ...and a massive 'thank you' to the devvvvs!

~4d ago

everyoneishappy: @overtones this would require 4D noise, which is possible but not implemented in Fieldtrip

~12d ago

overtones: Hi! SF2D has Time & DomainOffset inputs, but SF3D only DomainOffset. Is there a way to use Time in SF3D or it makes no sense? Thx

~15d ago

joreg: @SabrinaVerhage this could be useful for you next "hacking sex" workshop: https://buttplug.io they have a .NET nuget for use in vvvv!

~23d ago

ravazquez: Happy new year!

~23d ago

sunep: Happy new year everyone!

~27d ago

ggml: confirmed. thanks

~27d ago

david: @ggml fixed. please try again.