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~2d ago

NoseBleedIndustries: Please, integration with this low cost mechanical display, so beautiful! https://www.vestaboard.com/

~2d ago

NoseBleedIndustries: Please, integration with this low cost mechanical display, so beautiful! https://www.vestaboard.com/

~6d ago

joreg: @mediadog they are here: workshop-videotracking-node10

~7d ago

mediadog: Hmmm slides for node10 video tracking cannot be found: workshop-videotracking-slides

~8d ago

joreg: @mediadog thanks for the pointer, links are updated

~8d ago

mediadog: Where are the 50beta42 offline instalers? The offline installers are still linked to 41, not 42.

~12d ago

id144: thanks @gegenlicht & @bjoern, i hope the festival sorted it.

~14d ago

Patxi7: @joreg done