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~3d ago

mediadog: Aha! Right-click on an image to get the source link

~3d ago

~5d ago

antokhio: @luper vc redist 2013

~7d ago

guest: @Luper, you'll probably need to make the PhongDirectional etc node have one of the pins → NoTexture, and then voilà!

~9d ago

Luper: hey guy, just reinstalled VVVV and text(DX11.Geometry) not working, any idea why?

~9d ago

joreg: Reminder: Show us what you're patching on: #vvvv meetup tomorrow, Tue, Feb 23, 8pm CET: 8.-worldwide-meetup

~13d ago

vux: Hey all, we now in Berlin with @idwyr, say if you want to catch up :)