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~2h ago

sinus: @evvvvil: very impressive stuff! keep on marching the rays!You´ll never walk alone!

~18h ago

evvvvil: @mediadog, thankx for pointing it out broski. Wicked.

~2d ago

domj: Catching up with the Midweek Patch Therapy excerpts, expect more videos over the week. https://youtu.be/36r8LnHaS7g

~2d ago

mediadog: @evvvvil hey you made the webgl-dev-list cool stuff list: http://gfxprose.blogspot.com/2020/05/cool-webgl-stuff-2020-05-21.html

~4d ago

evvvvil: Yo I'm live doing a VJ set made in vvvv for OUTLINE demoparty with OddJohn DJing! Come see us play here: https://www.twitch.tv/outlinedemoparty/

~5d ago

domj: A blast to read with great references. Thoughts on how to make programming more learnable and understandable. http://worrydream.com/LearnableProgramming/

~5d ago

gegenlicht: @evvvvil damn. - missed it. Such unique styles, others would create 1000 twitter loops from one of ur sessions. :3 #bobrossmarch

~6d ago

sebescudie: Vous voulez vous mettre à #vvvv ou vous connaissez quelqu'un qui aimerait? Je donne un webinaire en français! https://nodeforum.org/announcements/introduction-au-creative-coding-avec-vvvv-gamma/

~6d ago

domj: Hope to see you at Midweek Patch Therapy at 17:30 today! https://therapy.domj.net/

~6d ago

domj: @evvvvil ooh that electric fog at 2:30