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~1d ago

domj: Here's the Schéma presentation from yesterday's meetup: https://youtu.be/_oqonrkE3xU

~3d ago

joreg: @guest am afraid we can't manage this. if someone wants to take this on, let us know..

~3d ago

guest: @joreg, please stream :-)

~3d ago

joreg: reminder: tonight: #vvvv meetup in #berlin: 9-berlin-vvvv-meetup

~3d ago

manuel: @dawoof nope. just the mosaic option.

~6d ago

dawoof: Did u use the NVAPI to do the warping and other functions?

~7d ago

manuel: @dawoof I did. Just some tests. with the sync card you get no tearing thats great.

~7d ago

dawoof: has anyone used nvidia MOSAIC and VVVV? (without vioso or automated callibration)