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Curveau343100322registered user29.92
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pdubost59140057registered user29.89
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ales9000252131425registered user29.89
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ain35800411registered user29.87
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flux2013001218registered user29.87
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Joanie_AntiVJ182100315registered user29.86
artcontr113002140registered user29.85
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grobkorn142001843registered user29.84
0001100070002350registered user29.83
casinowilhelm3010001220registered user29.83

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~10min ago

joreg: @graphicuserinterface: most likely

~15h ago

graphicuserinterface: kinect azure in vl viable?

~20h ago

metrowave: what happened to the list of whose logged-in/on-line (above), now only showing me and guests...

~3d ago

joreg: Don't forget: This months #vvvv meetup in #berlin is happening on the 27th: 12-berlin-vvvv-meetup

~3d ago

joreg: @u7 @CeeYaa, we're investigating this...

~3d ago

tonfilm: Under the hood: We switched from #SharpDX to #Xenko math. vl-switch-to-xenko-math VL vvvv #visualprogramming #dotnet #creativecoding

~3d ago

CeeYaa: haha it was frozen for 10 seconds when I send this Shout before - using Firefox

~3d ago

CeeYaa: hui really slow speed on MainPage, Contributions ... speed in Forum quite OK

~3d ago

u7angel: mmm, the site is really slow now.

~3d ago

joreg: PSA: and we're back!