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~4h ago

karistouf: https://vimeo.com/405806502 30mn realtime. Merci Joreg and all the crew for this beautifull tool, merci Clemens for D.O.P.E

~11h ago

kamome: both, problem in ffmpeg was that windows do not have a title to grab

~13h ago

joreg: @kamome: you mean the patch or the Renderer? either way nothing built-in yet. You'd use sth like https://obsproject.com/

~1d ago

kamome: hei is there any way to record gamma patch / renderer with ffmpeg ?

~3d ago

vasilis: Hi @Joreg..I'm interested in "Getting started with vvvv gamma"

~3d ago

joreg: @vasilis we'll add more. which one are you interested in?

~3d ago

vasilis: missed my chance again...sold out!!!

~4d ago

Takuma: @joreg thanks for sharing!!

~5d ago