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~21h ago

evvvvil: My refracted brutalism shader... Sucking sweet refracted milk off the tits of schlick fresneled reflections. https://www.shadertoy.com/view/wt33RN

~2d ago

io: @sinao build the cube in a 3d editor soft such as Blender and do the UV mapping there

~2d ago

sinao: one side

~2d ago

sinao: How to apply texture only on one of a cube?

~3d ago

tonfilm: Just updated the CraftLie rendering pack to latest: craftlie-dx11-drawing-for-vl

~7d ago

microdee: 2 seconds later: I asked before googling, but why do you need OS support for texture compression?

~7d ago

microdee: what's BC7?

~7d ago

antokhio: https://aka.ms/AA65g28 upvote pls for bc7 support in windows