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@evvvvil: monoflop (framebased) + Togedge?

lasal, Thursday, Nov 24th 2016  

why not set mainloop to 0 for one second...

elektromeier, Thursday, Nov 24th 2016  

@evvvvil if it's just a value just (Delay)?

woei, Thursday, Nov 24th 2016  

I'm trying to delay a value for 1 second... Ticking "vsync" and having 60 framedelays in a row is the best way to do this, right?

evvvvil, Thursday, Nov 24th 2016  

Has anyone a DX11 version of this? https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/long-shadow-in-pixel-shader/11810#comment-164044

lasal, Thursday, Nov 24th 2016  

@elektromeier thanks, I wonder if its also possible to record at 120 fps that stream..

manuel, Thursday, Nov 24th 2016  

win one of two #lattepanda in the #vvvv #vl bughunt: find-a-bug-win-a-panda-(latte)

joreg, Thursday, Nov 24th 2016  

changeable m12 lens, 1080p at 30 fps, 640x480 at 120 fps. they use standart dshow drivers and work nicely.

elektromeier, Wednesday, Nov 23rd 2016  

manuel, i can recomend one of those elp cam modules based on the ov2710 chip. theyre around 50 bucks on aliexpress

elektromeier, Wednesday, Nov 23rd 2016  

manuel i can recomend these elp cams on aliexpress based on the ov2710. around 50 bucks, changeable m12 lens.

elektromeier, Wednesday, Nov 23rd 2016  

anyone knows some cool computer shop in berlin ?bit friendly and knowledgable

levi, Wednesday, Nov 23rd 2016  

Solitude Castle mapping in December https://vimeo.com/192793024

KX, Wednesday, Nov 23rd 2016  

@graphic: also interested in how vlc does it; else via cpu, share mem

ggml, Tuesday, Nov 22nd 2016  

any 120 fps webcam ? 720p ? or at least 60 fps ?

manuel, Tuesday, Nov 22nd 2016  

doesnt work node dmx promk2 ! help !

nerezumijem, Tuesday, Nov 22nd 2016  

@evvvvil you didn't move the IOBox to the left, did you? It would have prevented that.

h99, Tuesday, Nov 22nd 2016  

ok wait i'll just put a framedelay here... annnnd another little framedelay there, and ok another framedela... AND IT'S GONE!!!

evvvvil, Monday, Nov 21st 2016  

video strem to second card posible in dx9?

graphicuserinterface, Monday, Nov 21st 2016  

@dominikKoller it would first need a 64bit build of DSFreeFrameWrapper mentioned here: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/dsfreeframewrapper-16bit-yuv2-input

joreg, Monday, Nov 21st 2016  

Any way of getting FreeFrame nodes in x64?

dominikKoller, Sunday, Nov 20th 2016  

this is dope

skyliner, Sunday, Nov 20th 2016  

I have win8 and an enttec usb pro mk2, I do not lift the interface ... I try in all com1, com 2 .... and nothing

nerezumijem, Saturday, Nov 19th 2016  

vveekend vvorkshop is now streaming about md.ecosystem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4wPKv0ZLT4

microdee, Saturday, Nov 19th 2016  

Me and Pedro did NOT make this game, unfortunately... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHba2ntTisc

evvvvil, Friday, Nov 18th 2016  

VL is back in latest alphas and here is whats new: vl-progress-report-3

joreg, Thursday, Nov 17th 2016  

@gegenlicht: they even force you to use an account for updating to geforce experience to version 3 (but tell you only afterwards)...

motzi, Thursday, Nov 17th 2016  

wow. nvidia is forcing users to create an account to use features like screen-recording with shadowplay...

gegenlicht, Thursday, Nov 17th 2016  

guest indeed, somethings going on here...

joreg, Wednesday, Nov 16th 2016  

The current alpha has no VL??

guest, Wednesday, Nov 16th 2016  

Architect (Libeskind) endorsing new PCs: http://store.hp.com/UkStore/Merch/Offer.aspx?p=b-hp-z2-mini-workstation

metrowave, Wednesday, Nov 16th 2016  

Let's have a different point of view on that http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2016/11/microsoft-is-going-to-pretend-to-release-visual-studio-for-mac/ Also it seems that nothing can be found on MSDN, or just broken links

h99, Wednesday, Nov 16th 2016  

Hope this finally helps to evaporate the vvvv on mac myth http://www.theverge.com/2016/11/14/13621116/microsoft-visual-studio-coming-to-mac

rrrr, Tuesday, Nov 15th 2016  


dannielmach, Tuesday, Nov 15th 2016  

automata-ui now spreadable and more convenient

u7angel, Monday, Nov 14th 2016  

@joreg redownloading v4 fixed it. (classic unzip problem)?

levi, Monday, Nov 14th 2016  

@joreg that looks promising :) gonna have to dig that, thanks for sharing!

sebescudie, Monday, Nov 14th 2016  

@joreg: OOH WOOOW! THAT IS BEAUTIFUL!!! it makes all other timelines ashamed of themselves

microdee, Monday, Nov 14th 2016  

a new osc timeliner on the horizon: http://i-score.org/ looks quite elaborate.. anyone with a review?

joreg, Monday, Nov 14th 2016  

@levi please start a forum thread describing the steps that lead to the crash provide the error message you get (if any)

joreg, Sunday, Nov 13th 2016  

trying to edit dynamic plugins on fresh W10 install crashes v4. any ideas?

levi, Sunday, Nov 13th 2016  

i finally don t need so much for this kind of work: https://vimeo.com/189643972 enjoy :)

karistouf, Sunday, Nov 13th 2016  

ah yes... i forgot CONS... thxs joreg ;) too much far away from v4 last years...

karistouf, Sunday, Nov 13th 2016  

@karistouf there are different options, see: spread operations#combining spreads

joreg, Sunday, Nov 13th 2016  

Hi ! a stupid question but how to merge 2 spread of 3d vector ?

karistouf, Sunday, Nov 13th 2016  

@videolith and gegenlicht: best start a forumthread for such things instead of sending emails..

joreg, Friday, Nov 11th 2016  

Done, feel free to contribute it, if you consider it useful for others as well.

videolith, Friday, Nov 11th 2016  


gegenlicht, Friday, Nov 11th 2016  

@gegenlicht I can send it to bryan.mischling@ge... if you want. i don't ant to contribute unless having checked it before.

videolith, Friday, Nov 11th 2016  

@videolith yeaa, would be great to have solution for this. I think a it would also be good as a contribution @microdee sweeeeet

gegenlicht, Friday, Nov 11th 2016  

I heard you guys were missing #vveekendvvorkshops let me fix that ;) vveekend-vvorkshops-returns-with-d.o.p.e.-and-md.ecosystem

microdee, Friday, Nov 11th 2016  

how to access multiple uv{s in cllada file? allready tried texcoord0, 1, etc and seams to grab only the first..

graphicuserinterface, Thursday, Nov 10th 2016  

@buongiorgio wow without the AE Futurelab Spaxels this time! Interesting..

dominikKoller, Thursday, Nov 10th 2016  

@gegenlicht forgot

videolith, Thursday, Nov 10th 2016  

i made a patch for this in my early days. you can choose a vvvvindow and as soon as you move it, its on the main screen. want it?

videolith, Thursday, Nov 10th 2016  

Need a program that streams windows desktop as rtsp over local lan and is not VLC. Help please. Thank you!

synth, Thursday, Nov 10th 2016  

whats currently the best way to reset a "lost" patch windows position? https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/beta-34-feature-request-move-windows-with-windows-arrow-keys/13059/8 ?

gegenlicht, Thursday, Nov 10th 2016  

hi ! is there any spout enabling in 34_2 or is it actually only alpha ?

karistouf, Thursday, Nov 10th 2016  

have you seen it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOd4-T_p5fA

buongiorgio, Wednesday, Nov 9th 2016  

@AntiVJ did you use vvvv for this work? https://vimeo.com/146567009

dominikKoller, Wednesday, Nov 9th 2016  

Sorry! https://vimeo.com/190617788

Patxi7, Tuesday, Nov 8th 2016  

Horse and vvvv!https://vimeo.com/190617788

Patxi7, Tuesday, Nov 8th 2016  

We're looking for 2-4 KINECT2 for the dance production "Im Zeughaus". Can you help? See https://vimeo.com/blausand/zeughaus

blausand, Monday, Nov 7th 2016  

Invitation to Hackathon, Prahttps://discourse.vvvv.org/t/invitation-to-hack-the-brain-hackathon-prague/14266?u=derbergue

derber, Saturday, Nov 5th 2016  

external gpu via thunderbolt 3

skyliner, Thursday, Nov 3rd 2016  

@Joreg Great thanks!

Gareth.Griffiths, Wednesday, Nov 2nd 2016  

@Gareth it seems so: map

joreg, Wednesday, Nov 2nd 2016  

Any #vvvv'ers in #Vancouver?

Gareth.Griffiths, Tuesday, Nov 1st 2016  

@cat, to me it happens when the Render window have different dimensions from what you set the backbufer to: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/renderer-ex9-freeze-when-back-buffer-is-different-from-render-window-dimensions/14127

sunep, Monday, Oct 31st 2016  

Havent used dx9 for ages, just tried setting back buffer, and it stops rendering, anybody else seen this?

catweasel, Monday, Oct 31st 2016  

Great Idea for pixel mapping calibration... https://vimeo.com/179493839

manuel, Sunday, Oct 30th 2016  

modded inf files in your Geforce? WIndows Update is gonna break your system

io, Friday, Oct 28th 2016  

nice dataviz in the article as well.

elektromeier, Friday, Oct 28th 2016  

Hello does anyone know how to make this work? intel-realsense-plugin copying the new dlls doesn't seem to work :(

guest, Friday, Oct 28th 2016  

Finally Microsoft have something very cool and outsmarted apple

Urbankind, Thursday, Oct 27th 2016  

http://facetracknoir.sourceforge.net/ anyone tried this ?

manuel, Thursday, Oct 27th 2016  

@metrowave This and the Book. IMO 2 great devices; awesome design too. A tiny bit expensivino, though.

h99, Thursday, Oct 27th 2016  

@h99, you beat me to it:) http://tinyurl.com/zjeewh9 the touch stuff would be useful in vvvv

metrowave, Thursday, Oct 27th 2016  

natan: i love it!

m4d, Thursday, Oct 27th 2016  


Noir, Thursday, Oct 27th 2016  

MS Surface Studio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzMLA8YIgG0

h99, Thursday, Oct 27th 2016  


dottore, Wednesday, Oct 26th 2016  

glad you all like it..

joreg, Wednesday, Oct 26th 2016  

yeah .new forum rocks!

I_am_from_Chile, Wednesday, Oct 26th 2016  

@marlonossiliere: or vpm vpm ;)

microdee, Wednesday, Oct 26th 2016  

@marlonossiliere: Scripting with NSIS

Gareth.Griffiths, Wednesday, Oct 26th 2016  

enjoying the new forum :) respect to the one who did the transfer!

jens.a.e, Wednesday, Oct 26th 2016  

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~9h ago

tonfilm: thanks @sunep!

~11h ago

timpernagel: We've just added two more clips of the "Programming DMX and visualizing with grandMA2"-Workshop to the workshop-blog post.

~1d ago

svdk: I plan to release all the patches involves as soon as they're cleaned. Greeting from Strasbourg

~1d ago

svdk: hi!saw you had a lot of fun @node 17.Disappointed I couldn't make it!. Some video I made using vvvv 4some parts. https://goo.gl/1UM8Bp

~1d ago

okvrdz: @joreg Thanks!

~2d ago

sunep: happy Birthday @tonfilm

~2d ago

microdee: @synth: care to make an issue on github with console output?

~2d ago

synth: @microdee cant install DX11 with it, cant choose not to install it either. Cant install anything without disregarding dependensies

~2d ago

joreg: @okvrdz i recommend starting here: topics it should give you a good overview of what's all there

~2d ago

microdee: vpm is updated and DO update as it fixes an issue with new latest DX11 script https://github.com/vvvvpm/vpm/releases/latest