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Is there a way to render lot's of text into tables in Renderer?

drehwurm, Thursday, Oct 8th 2015  

some music vvisuals https://vimeo.com/141719245

honix, Thursday, Oct 8th 2015  

@u7: apple laptops peaked at node13

ggml, Thursday, Oct 8th 2015  

this should be in graphics links section: http://graphics.cs.williams.edu/data/meshes.xml

microdee, Wednesday, Oct 7th 2015  

Why dx11 mataballs doesn't work with phong or constant?

Solid_dan, Wednesday, Oct 7th 2015  

They mean the freakin metro apps i guess. marketing morons

guest, Wednesday, Oct 7th 2015  

@u7angel: "run UP TO TWO apps side by side on a screen at a time". TWO?! http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/pdp/productID.325716000#faq

mediadog, Wednesday, Oct 7th 2015  

@LCA http://www.neongrau.eu/ feat. @intolightfeed

velcrome, Tuesday, Oct 6th 2015  

maybe less apple laptops at next node https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVfOe5mFbAE

u7angel, Tuesday, Oct 6th 2015  

I'm looking for hardware constructor companies like http://www.mkt-ag.de arround germany, austria and switzerland... any tips? thx!

LCA, Tuesday, Oct 6th 2015  

@ventolinmono Processing has no node based visual programming...

newemka, Tuesday, Oct 6th 2015  

Oh, Processing3 has real time, contribution manager, debug and span mode: https://vimeo.com/140600280 Did I said it's multiplatform? :P

ventolinmono, Tuesday, Oct 6th 2015  

@elektromeier they only work in x86, i just added them here: missing in 64bit builds

joreg, Monday, Oct 5th 2015  

hmm its there but not working...

elektromeier, Monday, Oct 5th 2015  

seems like: \addonpack\lib\nodes\plugins\vuxbins\GeometryNodes.dll) is missing. in current beta

elektromeier, Monday, Oct 5th 2015  

Am I the only one who has missed this: http://www.minnowboard.org/meet-minnowboard-max/

io, Monday, Oct 5th 2015  

i know what you did in september: vvvvhat-happened-in-september-2015 #vvvv

joreg, Monday, Oct 5th 2015  


DiMiX, Sunday, Oct 4th 2015  

@lasal: tesela super geil!

skyliner, Sunday, Oct 4th 2015  

Thanks @h99, and thanks @joreg for the upcoming fix!

mediadog, Sunday, Oct 4th 2015  

@mediadog sharedtextureinfo-texture-handle-bug

h99, Sunday, Oct 4th 2015  

I'm seeing AsSharedTexture failing in some cases in 34.1, not 33.7 - anyone else?

mediadog, Saturday, Oct 3rd 2015  

mail sent through vvvv.org is not utf-8?

h99, Thursday, Oct 1st 2015  


zepi, Thursday, Oct 1st 2015  

is it me, or is the search function, actually functional now? Well done whoever did that!

catweasel, Thursday, Oct 1st 2015  


Noir, Thursday, Oct 1st 2015  

@graphicuserinterface catmapper

catweasel, Wednesday, Sep 30th 2015  

is there a 3d homography implemented?

graphicuserinterface, Wednesday, Sep 30th 2015  

can anyone recommend a pcmcia usb 3.0 card that works with the kinetv2, shipping in germany is a plus. THX!

brax401gbz, Wednesday, Sep 30th 2015  

previous link actually working: http://bit.ly/1LY4YCe

StiX, Monday, Sep 28th 2015  

is there a place that conglomerates available performances by vvvv users? if not check this idea: one-page-to-rule-all-the-vvvv-performancesinstallations

StiX, Monday, Sep 28th 2015  

@synth - Thanks! There are some great other videos from that as well!

mediadog, Monday, Sep 28th 2015  

La-da-da-da-dahh It's the motherfuckin' micro-d-double-e

lecloneur, Monday, Sep 28th 2015  

micro-fucking-dee can butcher my wookie anytime ;) Anyone managed to stop using instanced noodles once first patch opened? THE BEST

evvvvil, Monday, Sep 28th 2015  

Micro-fucking-dee The Wookie Butcher

Gareth.Griffiths, Sunday, Sep 27th 2015  

Any good ideas? Check this out: https://impactchallenge.withgoogle.com/deutschland

dominikKoller, Saturday, Sep 26th 2015  

@evvvvil: get skin dx11 working with 3dsmax and some limitations from opencollada..but never get it in c4d.. Congrats!

AKa-visuals, Saturday, Sep 26th 2015  

@evvvvil: micro-fucking-dee i like that :D

microdee, Saturday, Sep 26th 2015  

VVVV at NVScene 2015: https://youtu.be/C7eRhSCLono?t=9m51s

synth, Saturday, Sep 26th 2015  

certain comand in SSH node freezes vvvv during its execution... workarounds?

manuelgonzalvez, Saturday, Sep 26th 2015  

@evvvvil well done bro

Noir, Saturday, Sep 26th 2015  

@evvvvil : hell yeah!!

sebescudie, Saturday, Sep 26th 2015  

thankx to micro-fucking-dee aka the butcher who could skin any living thing, even extra terrestrial.

evvvvil, Friday, Sep 25th 2015  

AAAAAAAAAAAAA I got rigged 3d models working in v4 dx11, in FBX with proper skinning / bones from CINEMA 4D... Tutorial soonish

evvvvil, Friday, Sep 25th 2015  


h99, Friday, Sep 25th 2015  

still hoping they'll fix it again..

joreg, Friday, Sep 25th 2015  

@h99 the link your referring to is to an even older version. for now this: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109 should be the alternative

joreg, Friday, Sep 25th 2015  

http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=34429 - dx9 web dload link. I can't edit page, I get a "Referencing to the file used in the field is not allowed" error.

h99, Friday, Sep 25th 2015  

DX9 is 14years old, time to say good bye I guess...

lecloneur, Friday, Sep 25th 2015  

@joreg: thx for the node15 workshop material roundup!

skyliner, Friday, Sep 25th 2015  

http://www.wekinator.org/ @motzi et al.

sebl, Thursday, Sep 24th 2015  

Who has the answer? Im clueless ! decklink-only-working-for-half-the-resolution

manuel, Thursday, Sep 24th 2015  

shouted too early they changed download link

microdee, Thursday, Sep 24th 2015  

@manuel, joreg: confirmed, MS might changed downloads or stopped supporting DX9

microdee, Thursday, Sep 24th 2015  

hi all, does anyone have the files from the bullet3d workshop? thx!

sebescudie, Thursday, Sep 24th 2015  

@manuel: weird indeed..

joreg, Thursday, Sep 24th 2015  


Noir, Thursday, Sep 24th 2015  

directX 9(web installer) link takes you to download windows 10

manuel, Thursday, Sep 24th 2015  

now really: release of b34.2 imminent. please check your latest projects against latest alpha: downloads/alphas #vvvv

joreg, Wednesday, Sep 23rd 2015  

has anyone tried to control NEC Displays via LAN out of vvvv?

ethermammoth, Tuesday, Sep 22nd 2015  


DiMiX, Saturday, Sep 19th 2015  

@oschatz.. me, eno, ivo coming! who helse?

david, Friday, Sep 18th 2015  

@oschatz.. me, eno, ivo coming! any else?

david, Friday, Sep 18th 2015  


oschatz, Friday, Sep 18th 2015  

+++ all vvvv frankfurt car show patchers are INVITED TONIGHT at 7pm +++ at MESO gutleutstraße 96 frankfurt +++

oschatz, Friday, Sep 18th 2015  


guest, Thursday, Sep 17th 2015  

A friend is hosting a release party with one of our releases in berlin. cant be there myself but willbe awesome! https://www.facebook.com/events/1043737145646111/

tekcor, Wednesday, Sep 16th 2015  


circuitb, Tuesday, Sep 15th 2015  

Noch acht Tage bis NEGUA auf der art.fair in Köln die AUGEN öffnet! https://vimeo.com/blausand/Negua

blausand, Tuesday, Sep 15th 2015  

5 out of 6 VJs are vvvv users @KEROXEN festival

io, Monday, Sep 14th 2015  

I have a question about vvvv. I wanna skype or chat w/ someone who can help :/

praponcan, Saturday, Sep 12th 2015  

@gerrit, superb!

metrowave, Saturday, Sep 12th 2015  

We made a little game with vvvv, transparent monitor and projection. It was at PLATINE Festival 2015 cologne: https://vimeo.com/136106362

gerrit, Saturday, Sep 12th 2015  

We made a little game with vvvv, transparent monitor and projection. It was at PLATINE Festival 2015 cologne: https://vimeo.com/136106362

gerrit, Saturday, Sep 12th 2015  

bruce lee spead: https://www.facebook.com/InstitutoLohan/videos/854890974556410/

DiMiX, Saturday, Sep 12th 2015  

patchers of the automotive show in frankfurt. who is here? lets have a mini node.

david, Friday, Sep 11th 2015  


Noir, Friday, Sep 11th 2015  

Suggestions for 1080p external capture card working fine in vvvv dx11?

idab, Friday, Sep 11th 2015  


readme, Thursday, Sep 10th 2015  


ddf, Wednesday, Sep 9th 2015  

Hello VVVV

soso_021, Tuesday, Sep 8th 2015  

@u7 please check and report with latest alpha. camera problems should be fixed.

joreg, Monday, Sep 7th 2015  

hey guys, how can I convert C# color to 4v color ? this does not work : ValueOut[i] = (RGBAColor)uiElement.SelectedColor;

lecloneur, Monday, Sep 7th 2015  

inside the camera

u7angel, Monday, Sep 7th 2015  

@joreg the weird new mouse module behaves ...weird

u7angel, Monday, Sep 7th 2015  

useful list of machine learning frameworks https://github.com/josephmisiti/awesome-machine-learning

metrowave, Monday, Sep 7th 2015  

didn't anybody notice camera-modules are broken in fullscreen with b34.1? b34.2 release imminent..

joreg, Monday, Sep 7th 2015  

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~11h ago

mediadog: @dannielmach - That is wonderfully delightful! Thank you!

~1d ago

dominikKoller: Does anyone have experience in reading shp files in vvvv? Sharpmap?

~1d ago

~2d ago

elektromeier: Realtime CSG! wow!

~3d ago

u7angel: @bjoern see below

~3d ago

u7angel: sorry it was Unreal! even better ;) https://youtu.be/Q3MFODwMchE?t=283

~3d ago

bjoern: @u7angel where did you read about unity support? couldn't find any info.