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once more: should work now!! If you see any further problems, please let us know and – THANK YOU for your support!

nodeforum, Saturday, Jun 3rd 2017  

Dear All! We're on it! We were a bit behind in the forum! For urgent matters also send us emails to ping@node-forum.org !

nodeforum, Saturday, Jun 3rd 2017  

Same as Whiplash here. Got the week pass+vvvvorkshops ticket but only a few are available for seat reservation. Any help?

Jvvvvlian, Saturday, Jun 3rd 2017  

does not work for every workshop...DX11 Particles for example asks me to buy a ticket instead

Whiplash, Saturday, Jun 3rd 2017  

as a workaround you can go directly to a workshop page and reserve a seat there

bjoern, Saturday, Jun 3rd 2017  

same here...but didn´t work well even when it was still running. could not book everything.

Whiplash, Saturday, Jun 3rd 2017  

Same problem here...did we make it crash already with our excitement? :)

hengge, Saturday, Jun 3rd 2017  

https://17.nodeforum.org/timetable/ is down :((

Rayment, Saturday, Jun 3rd 2017  

@dawoof I like the enttec ODE, it's not the cheapest, but it works super well with the artnet nodes

sunep, Saturday, Jun 3rd 2017  

cheapest , vvvv reliable DMX interface?

dawoof, Saturday, Jun 3rd 2017  

ripping pointclouds from google streetview with #openframeworks https://medium.com/@nocomputer/creating-point-clouds-with-google-street-view-185faad9d4ee

velcrome, Saturday, Jun 3rd 2017  

just uploaded the latest version of dx11.particles on contributions page

tmp, Friday, Jun 2nd 2017  

dear workshop bookers: you will receive an email with the instructions for login and seat reservation very soon :-) dont worry!

nodeforum, Friday, Jun 2nd 2017  

do we need a login to reserve for the workshops later. because there seems to be no way to create one on the page.

Whiplash, Friday, Jun 2nd 2017  

forgot password link on node17 site seems broken.

m4d, Thursday, Jun 1st 2017  


metrowave, Wednesday, May 31st 2017  

particle workshop swapped with marching rays and added CCCC4D monday morning: node17-workshop-schedule #NODE17 #vvvv

joreg, Wednesday, May 31st 2017  

completed listing with links to final workshop infos: node17-workshops-announced + 1 new #NODE17 #vvvv

joreg, Wednesday, May 31st 2017  

@catweasel yes, schnellebuntebilder sponsor to records the rooms Margret + Auguste during NODE17.

nodeforum, Tuesday, May 30th 2017  

@nodeforum and @FRAMED_official are calling for submissions: node17-x-framed-call-for-submissions #NODE17 #vvvv @vvvv_js

joreg, Tuesday, May 30th 2017  

vvvv #NODE17 #monday #workshops https://media.giphy.com/media/l4FGEXHPGHHCkVG9O/giphy.gif

remony, Monday, May 29th 2017  

Are there going to be any recordings of the workshops?

catweasel, Monday, May 29th 2017  

oh thx

nissidis, Monday, May 29th 2017  

@guest it is: last entry in left column

joreg, Monday, May 29th 2017  

Xml tidy isn't in 64 bit missing in 64bit builds

guest, Monday, May 29th 2017  

@nissidis logins are not yet open. we'll inform you here. general contact for troubles regarding node is: ping@node-forum.org

joreg, Monday, May 29th 2017  

I cant login on node17 (neither reset my password)

nissidis, Monday, May 29th 2017  

horray, full program is up for #NODE17 https://17.nodeforum.org #vvvv

joreg, Monday, May 29th 2017  

hi. why does my arduino uno dont give the 5v over the digitals? my led strip is at 60% brightness. the pass trough 5v does work.

errol, Monday, May 29th 2017  

Connection snapping: nice!

guest, Sunday, May 28th 2017  

emeshe is burried under thick ground and it's left for good. a new pbr ecosystem is emerging in mp.dx

microdee, Sunday, May 28th 2017  

@xxxlalala i meant matcap, look for that

u7angel, Saturday, May 27th 2017  

thanks @u7angel superphong is exactly what i was looking for. litsphere gave me no search results though :(

xxxlalala, Saturday, May 27th 2017  

i guess most pro vvvv users don't use emeshe for various reasons but more custom collection of shaders. see superphong or litsphere

u7angel, Saturday, May 27th 2017  

is emeshe the way to go for rendering with materials ? (asking because it says deprecated)

xxxlalala, Saturday, May 27th 2017  

Lovely, that did it! Just needed right click which wasn't coming through :)

catweasel, Thursday, May 25th 2017  

@catweasel, yes see: missing in 64bit builds but try tablet-(device-wintab1.4)-dynamicplugin-x64-and-x86

joreg, Thursday, May 25th 2017  

is the tablet plugin missing from recent builds? seems like all 35v(64bit, or is that the problem?)

catweasel, Thursday, May 25th 2017  

...aaaand here's the full workshop schedule for #NODE17 node17-workshop-schedule #vvvv

joreg, Wednesday, May 24th 2017  

here we go: complete list of 49 workshops for #NODE17 node17-workshops-announced schedule still to come #vvvv

joreg, Monday, May 22nd 2017  

@superflysiNZ it is pretty cool, and works solid. but you need #m4l

velcrome, Monday, May 22nd 2017  

https://github.com/Ableton/m4l-connection-kit/tree/master/OSC%20Send Anyone got this working with vvvv?

SuperflysiNZ, Monday, May 22nd 2017  

i see some potential here

skyliner, Saturday, May 20th 2017  

Windows 10, x86 emulation on ARM https://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Build/2017/P4171

guest, Wednesday, May 17th 2017  

Can someone please upload a built version of the htmlrenderer DX11 64 bit which works with the new DX11 pack?

guest, Tuesday, May 16th 2017  

the second .xml save feature just saved my life today. Bless you devvvvs

StiX, Monday, May 15th 2017  

@woei: I was just inhterested, thanks for the tip though

microdee, Sunday, May 14th 2017  

@microdee: what's the question? DotNetPluginFactory is the most revealing one

woei, Sunday, May 14th 2017  

is there some docs on node factory? (except the namespace browser thing)

microdee, Sunday, May 14th 2017  

some stuff im playing around with atm: https://vimeo.com/217011925

elektromeier, Friday, May 12th 2017  

@microdee you should just be able to use 4.7 outofthebox. let us know if you encounter any troubles..

joreg, Friday, May 12th 2017  

Like atoms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3RsDIWB7s0

robotanton, Thursday, May 11th 2017  

Oh dog I had . Dream I missed my flight to node

StiX, Thursday, May 11th 2017  

.NET 4.7 is here, woohoo! devvvvs do you need to do anything to support it?

microdee, Thursday, May 11th 2017  

artistic residency anyone? http://vertigo.starts.eu/call-for-artistic-residencies/

joreg, Wednesday, May 10th 2017  

@microdee in an ideal world we'd have all, but i hope everyone understands that we have some constraints..

joreg, Tuesday, May 9th 2017  


tonfilm, Monday, May 8th 2017  

@joreg: please have the WPF in vvvv workshop! pleeeease!

microdee, Monday, May 8th 2017  

workshop planning in progress: we're currently counting 37 and 10 still pending individual workshops in 5 days. #node17 #vvvv #sick

joreg, Sunday, May 7th 2017  

hallo #frankfurt hat jemand eine couch frei und will sie für ein #node17 #festival ticket eintauschen? https://nodeforum.org/journal-entries/nodesurfing/

joreg, Friday, May 5th 2017  

Anyone got a new Xtion2 working? mine seems DOA.

mediadog, Thursday, May 4th 2017  

Tnx Dr Evvvvil!

catweasel, Thursday, May 4th 2017  


evvvvil, Thursday, May 4th 2017  

can I get the render size of a dx11 tfx inside the shader?

catweasel, Thursday, May 4th 2017  

world map in ascii art https://github.com/rastapasta/mapscii

fibo, Thursday, May 4th 2017  

anyone can help with sysex-messaging / arduino? https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/why-firmata-how-to-make-better-use-of-firmata-with-vvvv/14686?u=apnoe

apnoe, Thursday, May 4th 2017  

the #vvvv april in review: vvvvhat-happened-in-april-2017

joreg, Thursday, May 4th 2017  

thanks @microdee and @u7angel. gonna continue iterating on it and have a nice little toy for vvvv users

polyrhythm, Wednesday, May 3rd 2017  

@polyrhythm - awesome rocket science !

u7angel, Wednesday, May 3rd 2017  

@polyrhythm: btw vvvvery physical looks awesome man!

microdee, Wednesday, May 3rd 2017  

anyone @fmx?

skyliner, Wednesday, May 3rd 2017  

=D sounds good, I'll be there

polyrhythm, Wednesday, May 3rd 2017  

@polyrhythm: and I plan to be ready with dynamic lighting and shadows for the new pipeline but can't promise for sure.

microdee, Wednesday, May 3rd 2017  

@polyrhythm: as mentioned in the update there will be no standalone emeshe 3. Most of its planned features will be in mp.dx.

microdee, Wednesday, May 3rd 2017  

@microdee will emeshe3 be rdy for node17? i'm also working on a non-realtime renderer: https://github.com/Polyrhythm/vvvvery_physical

polyrhythm, Wednesday, May 3rd 2017  

what's new in #vvvv beta35.5 https://vimeo.com/215358621

joreg, Tuesday, May 2nd 2017  

https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/pbr-rendering-in-vvvv-with-fbx4v-and-mp-dx/14457 updated the pbr workshop recently in case the forum motor didn't notice it

microdee, Tuesday, May 2nd 2017  

Will there be Livestreams from node? Not sure if im able to make it :(

gegenlicht, Tuesday, May 2nd 2017  

can we have the Prices of node day tickets pls?

hrovac, Tuesday, May 2nd 2017  

Anyone that knows calculus well willing to have a quick look over an incoming pack?

everyoneishappy, Monday, May 1st 2017  

bäm @joreg. That's great!

drehwurm, Sunday, Apr 30th 2017  

Hey, it would be cool, if we could pass a startup-argument to the patch, to create our own startup args.

drehwurm, Sunday, Apr 30th 2017  

anyone ussing orbecc camera ?

manuel, Friday, Apr 28th 2017  

Feel free to dm me on twitter,slack,gitter,wherever as anchnk :)

anchnk, Friday, Apr 28th 2017  

Me, any art rec in Berlin next week for an old vvvv user ? Would be great to meet as well. I did the vvvv/max/msp workshop at node08

anchnk, Friday, Apr 28th 2017  

New Xtion depthcam available: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826785084

mediadog, Friday, Apr 28th 2017  

sweet, thanks! i figured i'd be doing c++ with a 4kb

polyrhythm, Thursday, Apr 27th 2017  

@polyrhythm: No software, pure C++ and GLSL. IQ's 4kb framework does help, but get your text coding gloves on. http://www.iquilezles.org/code/isystem1k4k/isystem1k4k.htm

evvvvil, Thursday, Apr 27th 2017  

check this: http://vertigo.starts.eu/vertigo-project/

joreg, Thursday, Apr 27th 2017  

removed one added 3: node17-workshops-announced vvvv #node17

joreg, Wednesday, Apr 26th 2017  

latest work. pure vvvv ;-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRwIWUPjM-k&t=333s&ab_channel=udokaiser

udo2013, Wednesday, Apr 26th 2017  

maintenance reboot in 2min. save your work. should be back in about 5mins.

drupal_admin, Wednesday, Apr 26th 2017  

anonymous user login


~5d ago

tonfilm: @hadesbry latest version supporting win XP is 34.2: vvvv45beta34.2

~5d ago

hadesbry: hi, which versión of vvvv is better for win XP. thanks a lot.

~7d ago

joreg: reminder #vvvv heads in #berlin: today, tuesday, june 12th, 19h30: berlin-vvvv-meetup #meetup

~7d ago

ectrome: @joreg working! thanks

~7d ago

joreg: @ectrome login should be working again now!

~8d ago

joreg: @ectrome thanks, we're aware of the problem and working on it.