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Anyone doing stuff with hololens ?

manuel, Friday, May 24th 2019  

Here's the Schéma presentation from yesterday's meetup: https://youtu.be/_oqonrkE3xU

domj, Wednesday, May 22nd 2019  


dottore, Tuesday, May 21st 2019  

@guest am afraid we can't manage this. if someone wants to take this on, let us know..

joreg, Tuesday, May 21st 2019  

@joreg, please stream :-)

guest, Tuesday, May 21st 2019  

reminder: tonight: #vvvv meetup in #berlin: 9-berlin-vvvv-meetup

joreg, Tuesday, May 21st 2019  

@dawoof nope. just the mosaic option.

manuel, Tuesday, May 21st 2019  

Did u use the NVAPI to do the warping and other functions?

dawoof, Friday, May 17th 2019  

@dawoof I did. Just some tests. with the sync card you get no tearing thats great.

manuel, Friday, May 17th 2019  

has anyone used nvidia MOSAIC and VVVV? (without vioso or automated callibration)

dawoof, Thursday, May 16th 2019  

mystery surprise guest at #vvvv meetup number 9 in #berlin coming tuesday: 9-berlin-vvvv-meetup

joreg, Thursday, May 16th 2019  


bjoern, Wednesday, May 15th 2019  

@dawoof I use Screen Capture Recorder to put my desktop in VR, it provides a virtual webcam: https://sourceforge.net/projects/screencapturer/files

mediadog, Tuesday, May 14th 2019  

Just one step further, reinstalling VC++2012 did the trick! This might help anyone having the same surprise...

TremensS, Tuesday, May 14th 2019  

Hey! Since Win10 update last night, all my Assimp nodes are red in both beta36/38. Tried reinstalling VC++2013/2017. Any hints?

TremensS, Tuesday, May 14th 2019  

hey light guys! what's the best place to order custom gobos in germany/europe? cheers

rrrr, Monday, May 13th 2019  

@tomasgreen yes, one option. or use GridSpread

joreg, Monday, May 13th 2019  

@dawoof, maybe take a look at https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/vl-ndi

guest, Monday, May 13th 2019  

Ok, guys, and what is proper way to cross 2 linearSpreads in Gamma. Should i do it "manually" with foreach?

TomasGreen, Monday, May 13th 2019  


sebescudie, Monday, May 13th 2019  

Whats the best way to stream the desktop into VVVV? ( less or no latency, no external hardware)

dawoof, Monday, May 13th 2019  

Intro to Developing for Azure Kinect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzeYb00eQRI

quantum, Monday, May 13th 2019  

As I was rewriting vpm it turned out to be way bigger in scope, supporting more than just vvvv packs. Look ahead for uppm ;)

microdee, Sunday, May 12th 2019  

@siyah, welcome to the club :)

tonfilm, Sunday, May 12th 2019  

Ive been hittin my head to wall with ML, python, network graphs, tts&stt etc. Yesterday discovered vvvv, cant sleep cause of it now..

anonymous, Saturday, May 11th 2019  

woopie https://github.com/features/package-registry

sebescudie, Saturday, May 11th 2019  

I mean the helppatch. Looked quite sophisticated for a helper. can't find it.

schlonzo, Saturday, May 11th 2019  

I am looking for a helpptach with partially blurred colors around moving paths/3d objects?

schlonzo, Saturday, May 11th 2019  

Anyone at Superbooth tomorrow?

domj, Thursday, May 9th 2019  

Be sure to sign up into summer camp application! If you want to perform some live a/v set let me know in the additional info part.

StiX, Thursday, May 9th 2019  

@cznickesz this cannot be answered in general. but OpenCV and Skia are pretty stable in alphas.

tonfilm, Wednesday, May 8th 2019  

@tonfilm I´ll give it a shot, but in the end it´s not production ready right? Is it stable enough for production use?

cznickesz, Wednesday, May 8th 2019  

@cznickesz glad to hear that. latest alpha has all the goodies in: downloads/alphas

tonfilm, Wednesday, May 8th 2019  

@tonfilm actually really looking forward to use OpenCV in VL and Skia in a Beta

cznickesz, Tuesday, May 7th 2019  

@cznickesz alphas get regular updates. otherwise, no date yet. are u missing something specific in current beta?

tonfilm, Tuesday, May 7th 2019  

Hi all, is there any update for the beta planned anytime soon?

cznickesz, Tuesday, May 7th 2019  

good, not sure yet when i arrive, will keep you posted. @mediadog as ny native, any suggestion where we could meet?

joreg, Monday, May 6th 2019  

@takuma @joreg @mediadog will also be in NY from May 24th to june 1st lets's keep in touch!

circuitb, Monday, May 6th 2019  

@tonfilm yes, looks like great update, but it was a bit hard to find after years of using other links

bo27, Sunday, May 5th 2019  

@bo27 did you see this page? its linked at the downloads: user contributions staff picks

tonfilm, Sunday, May 5th 2019  

ok, guys it took me a while right now to find and download dx11 pack. Kind an announce would be great

bo27, Saturday, May 4th 2019  

@takuma @joreg Hey I'm in upstate NY but do get down a lot, got a little project on 42nd St. http://noirflux.com/projects/ Love to meet!

mediadog, Saturday, May 4th 2019  

@mrboni, please add as a date blog-post here: 25

joreg, Friday, May 3rd 2019  

A/VVVV performance in Manchester - 15th May. #TellYerMateshttps://vimeo.com/333928700 x

mrboni, Friday, May 3rd 2019  

@joreg got some invi for party happening during 99U next week, and though of inviting someone from the community.

Takuma, Tuesday, Apr 30th 2019  

@Takuma good question and who is up for a meetup there beginning of june? #vvvv #newyork

joreg, Tuesday, Apr 30th 2019  

who lives in newyork?

Takuma, Tuesday, Apr 30th 2019  


david, Thursday, Apr 25th 2019  

who is going to sensorium? I will be there. Hope to see some of you

david, Thursday, Apr 25th 2019  

"Alexa's wet dream" our 4kb PC Intro ranked 5th at Revision. Music by Hoffman + Noby. Code/design by this prick. https://vimeo.com/331871498

evvvvil, Wednesday, Apr 24th 2019  

reminder: this wednesday #vvvv meetup nr 8 in #berlin 8-berlin-vvvv-meetup

joreg, Monday, Apr 22nd 2019  

Yes, thanks for the streamming.

metrowave, Sunday, Apr 21st 2019  


Hadasi, Friday, Apr 19th 2019  

@welove the videos are still up there https://www.twitch.tv/wirmachenbunt/videos

Hadasi, Friday, Apr 19th 2019  

Big thanks for the stream, will this stay online or be shared as a download for those who could not watch it live?

welovemedia, Friday, Apr 19th 2019  

Big THX for the daylong streaming - and amazing Project Insights https://www.twitch.tv/videos/412932722

CeeYaa, Friday, Apr 19th 2019  

twitch livestream vvvv gamma

u7angel, Thursday, Apr 18th 2019  

@domj, sure

u7angel, Wednesday, Apr 17th 2019  

@u7angel: nice! How about the talk later at 7?

domj, Wednesday, Apr 17th 2019  

vvvv-gamma-presentation will be streamed on twitch, starts 2pm, channel name is vvvv gamma

u7angel, Wednesday, Apr 17th 2019  

vvvv heads in #hamburg #kiel: if you're bored this thursday, please come join us for a workshop and/or talk: vvvv-gamma-presentation

joreg, Wednesday, Apr 17th 2019  

@teckor: maybe ui-plugin ?

sebescudie, Tuesday, Apr 16th 2019  

wasn't there a contribution for making native windows GUIs?

tekcor, Tuesday, Apr 16th 2019  

Looking for a #vvvv job in #berlin? don't miss this one: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/looking-for-vvvv-artists-permanent-in-berlin/17448

joreg, Monday, Apr 15th 2019  

vvvv gamma audio input with Naudio https://youtu.be/iBRZ3tsc_BI

domj, Monday, Apr 15th 2019  

@tonfilm: hehehe, apply water to the burnt area :D

microdee, Sunday, Apr 14th 2019  

free VAudio tutorial by the #cycling74 masters ;) https://youtu.be/Y4YLy7kqcr8 vvvv #audio #maxmsp

tonfilm, Sunday, Apr 14th 2019  

Help out giving the spektrum Berlin story a better ending https://www.gofundme.com/spektrum-exspektrum-rent-recovery

sunep, Sunday, Apr 14th 2019  


mrboni, Saturday, Apr 13th 2019  

Neural network generating technical death metal, via livestream 24/7 to infinity. http://tinyurl.com/y6cvypmg

ravazquez, Friday, Apr 12th 2019  

@domj reminds me of @kalle s vvvv birthday wishes https://vimeo.com/56019214

bjoern, Friday, Apr 12th 2019  

hello rome / italy, anyone there who has a kinect2 with an original pc adapter ? we have a transport damage.

u7angel, Thursday, Apr 11th 2019  

@ravazquez Here you can see more: https://youtu.be/ZasiQA9whJg - a framework I'm deving for light control and more. Expl. vids next week (hope)

domj, Thursday, Apr 11th 2019  

new #vvvv gamma preview is up -> vvvv-gamma-2019.1-preview

tonfilm, Wednesday, Apr 10th 2019  

It works! thanks to the kinect page and google to find missing needed files :)

newemka, Wednesday, Apr 10th 2019  

why the hell i'm trying to use a xbox 360 kinect now?

newemka, Wednesday, Apr 10th 2019  

what are we looking at there @domj ?

ravazquez, Wednesday, Apr 10th 2019  

https://youtu.be/S2U7YwaEMsg VL inside

domj, Wednesday, Apr 10th 2019  

@elektromeier they are included with alphas and gamma-previews

joreg, Tuesday, Apr 9th 2019  

using the latest version. i mean those: vl-regular-expressions

elektromeier, Tuesday, Apr 9th 2019  

Somehow i cant find the regex nodes under vl. are they vvvv gamma only?

elektromeier, Tuesday, Apr 9th 2019  

if anybody can give me a hint , would be great; merci ! https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/problem-with-mouse-tracking-in-a-renderer/17423

karistouf, Tuesday, Apr 9th 2019  

Looking for somebody willing to keep an eye on our installation, next week for the Design Week in Milan https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/designweek-milan-looking-for-somebody-who-could-keep-an-eye-on-our-installation/17408

m9dfukc, Saturday, Apr 6th 2019  

thank you sir !

karistouf, Friday, Apr 5th 2019  

@karistouf: starting new topic on gamma section level is now possible!

joreg, Friday, Apr 5th 2019  

(when you receive email notification)

karistouf, Friday, Apr 5th 2019  

other bug joreg for website: link sended on shoutbox is not an hyperlink

karistouf, Friday, Apr 5th 2019  

yep i have seen. But we should be able to post on the second big section, separating clearly gamma / beta

karistouf, Friday, Apr 5th 2019  

@karistouf click new topic on the forum main page, then select vvvv Gamma as the category

dominikKoller, Friday, Apr 5th 2019  

and is available only from Forum main page, not the Gama/beta sections

karistouf, Friday, Apr 5th 2019  

same thing from vvvv beta section of the forum. New topic appears on top from Forum Main

karistouf, Friday, Apr 5th 2019  

i cant from forum gamma section: New topic and Normal option in light grey.

karistouf, Friday, Apr 5th 2019  

@karistouf what is stopping you from posting to the gama forum?

joreg, Friday, Apr 5th 2019  

anonymous user login


~5h ago

karistouf: @tgd, i have reinstalled windows and cutted all updates. Thanks you !

~1d ago

tgd: @karistouf: had the same issue days ago. reinstall Visual C++ Runtime 2012 from downloads

~2d ago

karistouf: arghhh, my dx11 mesh assimp are red nodes !!! any idea ???

~16d ago

SuperflysiNZ: Thanks