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The USB 3 connections are just cheap/high spec connections used for convenience. Not USB protocol or electrical.

elliotwoods, Sunday, Jul 16th 2017  

The extended slots are PCIe 1x with 16x form factor. You can demux PCIe like a boss (like a bus). Would prefer 16x in though

elliotwoods, Sunday, Jul 16th 2017  

@elliotwoods: is that for real? 1X PCI-e to 16x PCI-e over USB sounds a littlebit weird

microdee, Sunday, Jul 16th 2017  

@andresc4 BezierPatch 2D?

matka, Saturday, Jul 15th 2017  

mor gpuz http://bit.ly/2tVXTlB

elliotwoods, Saturday, Jul 15th 2017  

Node17 flickr photo pool: https://www.flickr.com/groups/3902188@N22/pool/ you can share your pics there...

metrowave, Friday, Jul 14th 2017  

@evvvvil: Is there a way to see which cinimod projects are done in vvvv?

dominikKoller, Friday, Jul 14th 2017  

Vimeo videos don't show up on the website. using FF. Example: showreel-2017

dominikKoller, Friday, Jul 14th 2017  

LineFeed nodes are broken - they have no outputs.

dominikKoller, Friday, Jul 14th 2017  

Anyone else at Tech Open Air Berlin?

dominikKoller, Thursday, Jul 13th 2017  

hello all, is it possible to instancenoodles SplineBuffered with different lengthed (# of 3d vectors) splines?

guest, Thursday, Jul 13th 2017  

Im looking for a patch to do a grid and edit each point for 2d image warping,,, like the mapping function from ResolumeArena...

andresc4, Wednesday, Jul 12th 2017  

@fibo: State provided internet is an option to regulate these fuckers organically. They'll need to compete with speed and service

microdee, Wednesday, Jul 12th 2017  

for net neutrality! Google, AT&T, ecc. want to build a private sea bone USA-Europe https://www.battleforthenet.com

fibo, Wednesday, Jul 12th 2017  

@eno the problem re sending mails on userpages is now fixed!

joreg, Wednesday, Jul 12th 2017  

vvvv Summer Course Berlin, video out now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dP3sXq8cq5U

dominikKoller, Wednesday, Jul 12th 2017  

What's this time format CurrentTime uses? It's not Unix time, obviously, but what is it?

TidensBarn, Wednesday, Jul 12th 2017  

in webland too: http://www.quakejs.com/

velcrome, Wednesday, Jul 12th 2017  

neighbors are busy https://blogs.unity3d.com/2017/07/11/introducing-unity-2017/

StiX, Wednesday, Jul 12th 2017  

@ceeya use realsense in vvvv by adding few lines of code to the c# example in sdk to send everything to vvvv via udp. fuck plugins

evvvvil, Wednesday, Jul 12th 2017  

THX elektromeier - I didn't know the DS325 stuff - looks cool

CeeYaa, Tuesday, Jul 11th 2017  

I think user:AOI is gone - what a pity :-( https://tinyurl.com/y8tpxc2j - but vvvvRealSensePlugin he left on github https://tinyurl.com/y8odv8lm

CeeYaa, Tuesday, Jul 11th 2017  

hmm weird. links doesnt work once pasted. try: search/apachesolr_search/softkinetic?filters=tid:1082&

elektromeier, Tuesday, Jul 11th 2017  

Wasn't there once a cool IntelRealSense Plugin?

CeeYaa, Tuesday, Jul 11th 2017  

thats working. danke phlegma :)

aivenhoe, Tuesday, Jul 11th 2017  

@aivenhoe have a look at vvvv-patchbox

phlegma, Tuesday, Jul 11th 2017  

Didn't try but I don't think so. You should dig SetPatch for that kind of things.

sebescudie, Tuesday, Jul 11th 2017  

ah, tnx @sebescudie. Can i add an IOBox as vector2d (2 slices) but as value type integer instead of double?

aivenhoe, Tuesday, Jul 11th 2017  

@aivenhoe : QuickNodes

sebescudie, Tuesday, Jul 11th 2017  

@aivenhoe : QuickNodes

sebescudie, Tuesday, Jul 11th 2017  

can i change which ioboxes appear when i double right click in a patch? what was the thing called again? quicklist?

aivenhoe, Tuesday, Jul 11th 2017  

I've managed to export many splines into a not styled dxf. Anybody wants to join for a plugin? Write me. PS: I think I also got meshes

h99, Monday, Jul 10th 2017  

@evvvvil but is it working in general? Or is trying to get it to work more like a waste of time

cznickesz, Monday, Jul 10th 2017  

@eno that is indeed a new bug. as a workaround you don't click in the box but drag a bit, then it doesn't forward and you can type

joreg, Monday, Jul 10th 2017  

when I navigate to the respective user profile I can choose 'send email'. clicking in the email field autoforwards to his forum summary

eno, Monday, Jul 10th 2017  

@eno no, only not every user has activated it in their settings: home/settings/personal

joreg, Monday, Jul 10th 2017  

is the feature to send a personal message to another user on v4org gone?

eno, Monday, Jul 10th 2017  

@kagurazaka01 vvvv itself does not change with a license. you only get an invoice that confirms your purchase.

joreg, Monday, Jul 10th 2017  

I will update the evvvvil tweet engine when i have time but very much doubt I will before august...

evvvvil, Monday, Jul 10th 2017  

@cznickesz: yes and no, it needs to be updated with new version of TweetInvi api and other update shit, but code is on github...

evvvvil, Monday, Jul 10th 2017  

So is the evvvviltweetengine still the best way to when it comes to getting and sending tweets?

cznickesz, Monday, Jul 10th 2017  

How can I verify license? Although I boutght it I can't see any changes.

kagurazaka01, Monday, Jul 10th 2017  

It would be really cool to be able to zoom.. Oh wait, that one has been said before.

dominikKoller, Sunday, Jul 9th 2017  

It would be really cool to doubleclick to edit the values in a Color IObox.

dominikKoller, Sunday, Jul 9th 2017  

It would be really cool to have a shortcut for a Slider IOBox in the Nodebrowser.

dominikKoller, Sunday, Jul 9th 2017  

https://render.otoy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=129&t=61948 game is upped in realtime computer graphics

microdee, Sunday, Jul 9th 2017  

(anyone who was at "raymarching amongst shit jokes" workshop at Node17 needs to UPDATE to this: more examples & lighting bug fixes)

evvvvil, Sunday, Jul 9th 2017  

IZPI IBILTZEN, The ultimate raymarcher for vvvv, broski, has landed on the 8th day anno nodini. Get nautical. izpi-ibiltzen-raymarching

evvvvil, Sunday, Jul 9th 2017  

oh the internet is still my favorite lake to relax..

joreg, Friday, Jul 7th 2017  

thanks joreg. But... you should be at the lake now!

guest, Friday, Jul 7th 2017  

@guest to our understanding vvvv on hololens is not possible because it requires UWP apps which vvvv cannot be.

joreg, Friday, Jul 7th 2017  

thanks everyoneishappy,colorsound,princiemio for helping me out on the pointcloudreader. Its already up on contributions

andresc4, Thursday, Jul 6th 2017  

Anyone tried Hololens with VVVV? Do you think it's possible?

guest, Thursday, Jul 6th 2017  

@StiX Thank you, now it works; IDKW, though, same patch. It works with & w\o .ext

h99, Thursday, Jul 6th 2017  

your settings are wrong then, filename needs to have a proper ending etc. check writer nrt help

StiX, Thursday, Jul 6th 2017  

Quick help: what goes between Renderer (DX11) and Writer (DX11.Texture 2D)? I get the file but it's 0 bytes, tried every extension

h99, Thursday, Jul 6th 2017  

@polyrhythm W.T.F. http://i.imgur.com/mp5RmrI.gif

h99, Wednesday, Jul 5th 2017  

@polyrhythm, just tested, amazing, it's like V-ray in vvvv!

metrowave, Wednesday, Jul 5th 2017  

okay all fixed, but also please note I haven't put effort into "releasing" it yet, so no help patches/docs yet :)

polyrhythm, Wednesday, Jul 5th 2017  

@andresc4 I will push an update to Github for the non-realtime renderer. pull in changes and it will be fixed

polyrhythm, Wednesday, Jul 5th 2017  

Anyone interested in a VL course in Berlin? hello@vvvv.academy

dominikKoller, Wednesday, Jul 5th 2017  

@matka I think i dont have acceleration_structures.fxh I would like to test it, it was one of the best of keynote

andresc4, Wednesday, Jul 5th 2017  

@andresc4 do you mean this? https://github.com/Polyrhythm/vvvvery_physical

matka, Wednesday, Jul 5th 2017  

where i can find the non realtime render of the keynote??

andresc4, Wednesday, Jul 5th 2017  

@drehwurm look for "pop" on this page: https://vvvv.gitbooks.io/the-gray-book/content/en/reference/hde/patching.html

joreg, Tuesday, Jul 4th 2017  

How to unassign in VL?

drehwurm, Tuesday, Jul 4th 2017  

…what skyliner said plus I wanted to also thank all the great volunteer people that helped make Node17 happen!

metrowave, Tuesday, Jul 4th 2017  

thanks evvvveryone for this intense vveek of NODE! it was super duper to see so many of you!

skyliner, Tuesday, Jul 4th 2017  

@catweasel re setup not registering vvvv: there hasn't been any such change. please start a forum thread with details..

joreg, Monday, Jul 3rd 2017  

@mrboni regarding quebec did you check the map? map

joreg, Monday, Jul 3rd 2017  

@marlonossiliere, http://reconstructme.net/ still works well.

metrowave, Sunday, Jul 2nd 2017  

@guest Sadly no, lonely vvvv'er in upstate NY. Enjoy!

mediadog, Saturday, Jul 1st 2017  

@mediadog cheers, I'll have a look! Ar you at Node?

guest, Saturday, Jul 1st 2017  

@mediadog cheers, I'll have a look! Ar you at Node?

guest, Saturday, Jul 1st 2017  

@guest There is MidiClock input node, and VAudio pack has LTC nodes, but have not tried them.

mediadog, Friday, Jun 30th 2017  

Kinect spatial mapping?

marlonossiliere, Friday, Jun 30th 2017  

Anyone have a idea how to scan relief with kinect 2?

marlonossiliere, Friday, Jun 30th 2017  

has anyone been able to get SMPTE LTC/MTC into vvvv?

guest, Friday, Jun 30th 2017  

Are there any ressources how to use github for vvvv?

drehwurm, Friday, Jun 30th 2017  

@guest: dropbox is seems kinda blocked at node: change the end of URL to dl=1

avaos, Thursday, Jun 29th 2017  

New Algorithmic Modelling and mesh unroll library. paralib

lasal, Thursday, Jun 29th 2017  

Has Dropbox been blocked at Node?

guest, Thursday, Jun 29th 2017  

Offering a node weekpass!.. happy to support the Festival,so will trade for some sweet vvvv swag.T-shirt?Snowglobe? Belt buckle?

gegenlicht, Thursday, Jun 29th 2017  

server is an IP in the network. @vueno type: \\ into windows explorer

tonfilm, Thursday, Jun 29th 2017  

where can i find the fileserver from NODE17?

vueno, Wednesday, Jun 28th 2017  

new vpm version is out 1.2.7 https://github.com/vvvvpm/vpm/releases/latest now you can select folder with a gui (+ drag and drop folder onto the text-box)

microdee, Wednesday, Jun 28th 2017  

Have a great time guys at Node17!!

vasilis, Wednesday, Jun 28th 2017  

@marlonossiliere have a look here topographic-phong-shader

matka, Wednesday, Jun 28th 2017  

the livestream is great...big thx!

metrowave, Tuesday, Jun 27th 2017  

new small project from today: piano + midi + vvvv = love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS5MZ5_KRb8

Damien Rave, Tuesday, Jun 27th 2017  

@tonfilm no stream here. I guess you know that and are frantically working on a solution? ;)

herbst, Tuesday, Jun 27th 2017  

the #livestream URL is on: vvvv-keynode-livestream

tonfilm, Tuesday, Jun 27th 2017  

Does anyone have any idea how to do this project in vvvv ?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9JXtTj0mzE

marlonossiliere, Tuesday, Jun 27th 2017  

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~21h ago

metrowave: yah, thanks @tekcor

~1d ago

david: @tekcor. thats bad news. thanks for putting it together and all the efford though. next time hopefully.

~2d ago

tekcor: VVVV.js workshop chanceled, unfortunately not enough people. Thanks to everyone who wanted to come and sorry!

~2d ago

neuston: @joreg Thank you very much!

~2d ago

joreg: @neuston: please check the country list again!

~3d ago

xd_nitro: no users in all of Wales!

~3d ago

microdee: it's like telling a west-Ukrainian that they're Russians...

~3d ago

microdee: @tonfilm: Telling a person from Hong Kong that they're Chinese is a bigger insult than calling their mom names ;)

~3d ago

tonfilm: Patch your own #mainloop with microsecond precision in #reactive #dotNET style. #rxNET #rx #gamedev #vvvv #VL vl-patch-your-own-mainloops