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Encrypt 3D models to US government standards! bata here: http://www.cgchannel.com/2017/02/d3crypt3d-aims-to-protect-your-3d-models-from-piracy/

metrowave, Wednesday, Feb 22nd 2017  

hello. maintenance reboot at 02:10h should be back at 02:11h..

drupal_admin, Wednesday, Feb 22nd 2017  

fake.art for 10.944

manuel, Wednesday, Feb 22nd 2017  

domain http://nail.art just for €7644 :D

id144, Wednesday, Feb 22nd 2017  


ravazquez, Wednesday, Feb 22nd 2017  

@all removed b35.1 downloads in preparation of a b35.2 fix release. sorry for the inconvenience!

joreg, Tuesday, Feb 21st 2017  

@welovemedia: vvvvelcome!

joreg, Tuesday, Feb 21st 2017  

@joreg, thanks! appreciate the fast help!

welovemedia, Tuesday, Feb 21st 2017  

@welovemedia: yes, ignore

joreg, Tuesday, Feb 21st 2017  

setup asks for c++ redistributable 2015, but newer version already installed (14.0.23918). anybody knows what to do? ignore?

welovemedia, Tuesday, Feb 21st 2017  

play #doom on #porsche #911 by driving: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRMpNA86e8Q

tonfilm, Tuesday, Feb 21st 2017  

got something to share at #node17? propose a workshop https://discourse.vvvv.org/c/node17/workshop-proposal #vvvv #vl

joreg, Monday, Feb 20th 2017  

wanna learn something specific at #node17? request a workshop: https://discourse.vvvv.org/c/node17/workshop-request #vvvv #vl

joreg, Monday, Feb 20th 2017  

Zorionak Abrahamovitch!

Patxi7, Monday, Feb 20th 2017  

@gregsn,great update devs, thank you¡.btw i realised today is my 10th anniversary as registered user. time pass by so quickly ;D

colorsound, Monday, Feb 20th 2017  

this is hot: vvvv50beta35.1

gregsn, Sunday, Feb 19th 2017  


aelfwine, Sunday, Feb 19th 2017  

very cool!

tonfilm, Saturday, Feb 18th 2017  

vvvv being used to prototype the Haize navigator https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/onomo/haize-a-compass-reinvented-navigation-for-urban-cy/posts/1809989?ref=email #motiongraphics

Gareth.Griffiths, Saturday, Feb 18th 2017  

new superphong is out! VSM shadows, performance improvements, spreading fixes etc.

mburk, Friday, Feb 17th 2017  

@andres4c. vl has been very naughty...

velcrome, Thursday, Feb 16th 2017  

@beyon keep em comin..

joreg, Thursday, Feb 16th 2017  

Is it too late to propose workshops?

beyon, Thursday, Feb 16th 2017  

hap survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9TWN88Y

joreg, Thursday, Feb 16th 2017  

@andresc4 in the forum click 'all categories' and select tutorials (bottom of the list)

guest, Thursday, Feb 16th 2017  

Im looking for the VL tutorial, but I afraid to search again for "vl" on vimeo ...

andresc4, Thursday, Feb 16th 2017  

reminder: evvvveryone please use your likes in the forum to indicate #node17 workshops you'd like to see happen https://discourse.vvvv.org/c/node17

joreg, Wednesday, Feb 15th 2017  

@colorsound: super cool!

skyliner, Saturday, Feb 11th 2017  


ggml, Saturday, Feb 11th 2017  

Full time vvvv role to fill in London. link

xd_nitro, Saturday, Feb 11th 2017  

Converted with AVI Demux, the video plays encoded with x264. Mistery is why the original H264 video don't play !

RitoonL, Saturday, Feb 11th 2017  

Hi ! Any clue playing MP4/AVC in filestream ? tested both x86 & x64 ffdshow installed. VLC filestream is no way! Thx by advance

RitoonL, Saturday, Feb 11th 2017  

hi some more fun and research ;D. https://vimeo.com/colorsound/htcvivepaintingmapping

colorsound, Friday, Feb 10th 2017  

CTRL+SHIFT+L in VL!!! This is huge!

ravazquez, Friday, Feb 10th 2017  

@vux: could a directx 11.2 features - hardware support for virtual textures- be implemented in theory? like this https://developer.nvidia.com/sites/default/files/akamai/gameworks/events/gdc14/GDC_14_Real%20Virtual%20Texturing%20-%20Taking%20Advantage%20of%20Direc...

tekcor, Friday, Feb 10th 2017  

Small 1.0.1 fix for dx11 directx11-nodes

vux, Wednesday, Feb 8th 2017  

@colorsound Cool! I'm trying something similar with controller attached to camcorder to make combined real/virtual videos.

mediadog, Monday, Feb 6th 2017  

houdini 16

skyliner, Monday, Feb 6th 2017  

latest #vvvv #audio comes with #VL patch example, open "VL Test.v4p" in #girlpower vvvv.audio-pack-alpha

tonfilm, Sunday, Feb 5th 2017  

@eno, @lev: https://youtu.be/iH6a1iYQ0GA ;)

microdee, Sunday, Feb 5th 2017  

@u7 and all - ok done! NSYNK just completed the bounty. #communitydriven #vvvv

eno, Sunday, Feb 5th 2017  

Just donated ! Let's go vvvv community !

lecloneur, Sunday, Feb 5th 2017  

wirmachenbunt just gave the HAP funding a spin towards the goal. common ppl, every little counts http://demolition-studios.net/donations/hap4vvvv/

u7angel, Saturday, Feb 4th 2017  

Need help with a project? @miro and me have loads of patching time in the next 2 - 3 months!

remony, Saturday, Feb 4th 2017  

The proof of concept versión in vvvv with HTC Mapping ;D https://www.dropbox.com/s/n7ujd2255yh1e1v/RealT_Mapping_Test__Colorsound_vvvv.mp4?dl=0 I,ll try to post something cooler soon.

colorsound, Thursday, Feb 2nd 2017  

@nzo.nzo: sounds interesting, write me a mail or start a forum topic.

id144, Thursday, Feb 2nd 2017  

Someone would be interested to develop with me a PoTree point cloud importer?

nzo.nzo, Thursday, Feb 2nd 2017  

watch out for nvidia shadowplay/share enabled by default in at least the drivers for 1060. vvvv no likey

xd_nitro, Thursday, Feb 2nd 2017  

equivalent to GLSL mod in HLSL? fe. fmod gives different results.

sinus, Wednesday, Feb 1st 2017  

@sebescudie I have used Panasonics variant called Digital link, works fine

sunep, Wednesday, Feb 1st 2017  

Anyone ever used that ? https://hdbaset.org/

sebescudie, Wednesday, Feb 1st 2017  

we're back

drupal_admin, Wednesday, Feb 1st 2017  

hello. maintenance reboot at 2 o clock. will be back after 2 minutes or so.

drupal_admin, Wednesday, Feb 1st 2017  

devvvvs can you add damping and input scaling back to the camera (transform orbit)?

mrboni, Wednesday, Feb 1st 2017  


skyliner, Tuesday, Jan 31st 2017  

@bo27: Missed me by four days... ! Lemme know if you make it up the West Coast to Vancouver

Gareth.Griffiths, Tuesday, Jan 31st 2017  

d.o.p.e. now also runs in beta(50+) and supports instancing (incl. noodles), see 3D girlpower!

digitalwannabe, Tuesday, Jan 31st 2017  

Hello! Anyone around San Francisco today-wednesday? Let's meet!

bo27, Monday, Jan 30th 2017  

@arm we don't know more than this: heinrich maybe contact Xini

joreg, Monday, Jan 30th 2017  

where is Heinrich_Beta?

arm, Monday, Jan 30th 2017  

@microdee, wonderful ¡¡

colorsound, Sunday, Jan 29th 2017  

yup that's already done https://youtu.be/xp9sIMtGzXM

microdee, Saturday, Jan 28th 2017  

Will it support both joint and blendshape animations?

guest, Saturday, Jan 28th 2017  

not yet! I still have to finish some nodes which output some additional info and it'll be good to go

microdee, Friday, Jan 27th 2017  

did microdee's new fbx loader get released anywhere?

mrboni, Friday, Jan 27th 2017  

Hi Guys, just reminder for lattepanda,teensy ... from Europe and a vvvolk. Your demand our desire ;D http://corzotech.com/en/3-electronics

colorsound, Friday, Jan 27th 2017  

@dominikKoller have a look at the #lattepanda instead..

joreg, Friday, Jan 27th 2017  

@rmueller thanks. Damnit. RaspPi + boygrouping would be heaven.

dominikKoller, Friday, Jan 27th 2017  

@dominikKoller No :(

rmueller, Friday, Jan 27th 2017  

does vvvv run on the Raspberry Pi with that Windows 10 IoT on it?

dominikKoller, Friday, Jan 27th 2017  


skyliner, Friday, Jan 27th 2017  

vpm got a massive update get it here: https://github.com/vvvvpm/vpm/releases/latest and a shiny new #vpdb GUI https://vvvvpm.github.io/ to fetch available packs ;)

microdee, Friday, Jan 27th 2017  

here some good advice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_Jq38JKN3A

joreg, Friday, Jan 27th 2017  

Procedural city on the Nile:"Don't be shy, girl, step into my pad". Made in vvvv & hlsl. Taming the noise, bro. https://vimeo.com/199894645

evvvvil, Thursday, Jan 26th 2017  

Thanks @Joreg

AndyC, Thursday, Jan 26th 2017  

@AndyC type 3dconnexion in the nodebrowser (needs addonpack)

joreg, Thursday, Jan 26th 2017  

Hello! Is there a node somewhere for a 3d Conexions 3dMouse. I'm sure I've seen one but cant find it.

AndyC, Thursday, Jan 26th 2017  


ysap, Thursday, Jan 26th 2017  

@ysap select (Value)

joreg, Thursday, Jan 26th 2017  

hey, how could i treat spreads like this --> 1 2 3 4 becomes 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 THX

ysap, Thursday, Jan 26th 2017  

here is the next #vvvv #vl video tutorial https://vimeo.com/200604809

joreg, Tuesday, Jan 24th 2017  

@antokhio, tonfilm: super nice hack! didn't know before, but HTC Vive will offer a tracking-only device soon too.

skyliner, Tuesday, Jan 24th 2017  

Realtime Projection Mapping with HTC Vive as tracker: https://youtu.be/2gkidC6hTlY

tonfilm, Tuesday, Jan 24th 2017  

ahhhhh okay, it says 16384 for each dimension

ysap, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

@ysap the limit is in your graphiccard. for dx9 see the Caps output of Device (EX9 Auto)) where it reports: MaxTextureHeight/Width

joreg, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

tried DDS, PNG and JPG

ysap, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

trying to load a 28000px x 1620px texture, its giving me black output. Is there a limitation in VVVV?

ysap, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

Introducing: The Store introducing-the-store #vvvv

joreg, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

@joreg - thanks!

elliotwoods, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

@elliotwoods, i reopened that topic..

joreg, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

also i'd be very much up for rewriting this openly with all the features if there's paid days #taxreturn

elliotwoods, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

VL is perfect for this type of deep OO logic. Great to hear! p.s. I can't reply in forum (no button)

elliotwoods, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

@xd_nitro: got it. see \girlpower\VL\Animation\MultiTouch for a little #vl example of doing this #vvvv

joreg, Friday, Jan 20th 2017  

will do Joreg. @cat - poss but can't move to 50 anyway.

xd_nitro, Friday, Jan 20th 2017  

zoom-pan-rotate-touchgestures @XD_nitro, could VL do what you need?

catweasel, Thursday, Jan 19th 2017  

anonymous user login


~5h ago

svdk: I plan to release all the patches involves as soon as they're cleaned. Greeting from Strasbourg

~5h ago

svdk: hi!saw you had a lot of fun @node 17.Disappointed I couldn't make it!. Some video I made using vvvv 4some parts. https://goo.gl/1UM8Bp

~12h ago

okvrdz: @joreg Thanks!

~17h ago

sunep: happy Birthday @tonfilm

~20h ago

microdee: @synth: care to make an issue on github with console output?

~1d ago

synth: @microdee cant install DX11 with it, cant choose not to install it either. Cant install anything without disregarding dependensies

~1d ago

joreg: @okvrdz i recommend starting here: topics it should give you a good overview of what's all there

~1d ago

microdee: vpm is updated and DO update as it fixes an issue with new latest DX11 script https://github.com/vvvvpm/vpm/releases/latest

~1d ago

okvrdz: to those experienced v4 users... What in your opinion is the best/easiest way to learn nodes and what they do/usage/capabilities?

~2d ago

bildwerk: @jzzxh its on the todo list :)