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PS: This should've been posted by me :)

dave, Tuesday, Oct 25th 2016  

apparent changes.

guest, Tuesday, Oct 25th 2016  

Good morning all. In the next little while there will be some updates to the forum. Please do not post until you see the very

guest, Tuesday, Oct 25th 2016  

love it :) http://tinyurl.com/z67caeo - brought to you by lichterloh - thx - VVVVchristmas is starting soon

CeeYaa, Monday, Oct 24th 2016  


elektromeier, Monday, Oct 24th 2016  

for those who play poker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRgCvCTG_XQ

CeeYaa, Monday, Oct 24th 2016  

u have to multiply by scale 1,1,-1 i think, you can inverse viewproj on wire box to see the cam

antokhio, Sunday, Oct 23rd 2016  

Anyone lucky in fixing rulr matrix export pipeline?(broken in last releases)

dottore, Sunday, Oct 23rd 2016  

first time since my start in 2003 i use DeNiro for a project :)

elektromeier, Sunday, Oct 23rd 2016  

start vvvv patch containing kinect2 nodes, start kinect2 studio, play your xef, use "connect" to replace kinect stream with xef,

rogalag, Sunday, Oct 23rd 2016  

Im sure someone shared a contrib of a way of playing kinect2 xef files within v4 (while ago). Ring any bells? nuffin if search 4 xef

mrboni, Sunday, Oct 23rd 2016  

wave-in and wave-out for vvvv-myo!

motzi, Sunday, Oct 23rd 2016  

Node based Spotify playlist generation anyone? http://smarterplaylists.playlistmachinery.com/

phl, Saturday, Oct 22nd 2016  

Is there a reason for two Delaunay nodes?

dominikKoller, Saturday, Oct 22nd 2016  

@synth since a year beta34.2 what makes you unsure?

joreg, Friday, Oct 21st 2016  

What is the latest production ready/capable vvvv version? Thank you!

synth, Friday, Oct 21st 2016  

Computers Are People, Too! 1982 Fairlight bit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXbrzI-8wck

third paradise, Thursday, Oct 20th 2016  

someone in ADE?

guest, Thursday, Oct 20th 2016  

Copycat challenge of the day. Don't look at the code! https://www.openprocessing.org/sketch/374249

sableRaph, Thursday, Oct 20th 2016  

@mino same company has ToF depth camera with network connection: http://product.inrevium.com/tof.html - thanks for link!

mediadog, Thursday, Oct 20th 2016  

@tonfilm and 1000fps projector now on sale http://www.teldevice.co.jp/pro_info/2016/press_161019.html

mino, Thursday, Oct 20th 2016  

Dynamic projection mapping onto deforming non-rigid surface https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bh1MHuA5jU

tonfilm, Wednesday, Oct 19th 2016  

...forgot to say it was made in Touch Designer... Shit! Did I post on the wrong website?

evvvvil, Wednesday, Oct 19th 2016  

The Sicilian Cloud's Naked City(360 video). Whoever gets the reference earns 3 Zorn points. Made out of boredom. https://youtu.be/aG6ysFPC3Xw

evvvvil, Wednesday, Oct 19th 2016  

got 5min and want to test something new? please join us on IRC howto use irc and read the topic

joreg, Monday, Oct 17th 2016  

Wow, Modal VR is Nolan Bushnell back in the game! I want one - but looks pricey...

mediadog, Sunday, Oct 16th 2016  

@rrrr the golden times of Ars Electronica! Thanks for sharing, this is great

dominikKoller, Saturday, Oct 15th 2016  


third paradise, Friday, Oct 14th 2016  

The famous Virtual Reality Symposium https://vimeo.com/14888138

rrrr, Monday, Oct 10th 2016  


bjoern, Monday, Oct 10th 2016  

Nice little VR research vignettes https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjhgRr1fomj0iSAc1wtRDRweWwzLziS2q

everyoneishappy, Monday, Oct 10th 2016  

@noir https://github.com/paperManu/splash is another contender

velcrome, Monday, Oct 10th 2016  


Noir, Sunday, Oct 9th 2016  

@bo satis&fy?

bjoern, Friday, Oct 7th 2016  

hi guys, could you recommend any rental service in Berlin to rent PCs with modern GTX cards?

bo27, Friday, Oct 7th 2016  

hello, sound good any plan for an implementation in vvvv? http://pages.newtek.com/NDI-Developers.html

guest, Thursday, Oct 6th 2016  

no flocky, but 360 video and still hypernoise caving, broh. https://youtu.be/wRkl8F2y9CE

evvvvil, Thursday, Oct 6th 2016  

Once again berlin proves that "da geht immer was". :) Will be there, atleast this evening

gegenlicht, Thursday, Oct 6th 2016  

Aggressive edgy flocking & noisy-as-fuck raymarching responding to noise rap. Made drunk. 360 vid coming. https://vimeo.com/185719015

evvvvil, Thursday, Oct 6th 2016  

@gegenlicht http://retune.de

joreg, Thursday, Oct 6th 2016  

Im in Berlin visiting. http://berlin-leuchtet.com This looks like käse? should i have a look? Anything else to see this week?

gegenlicht, Thursday, Oct 6th 2016  


dannielmach, Wednesday, Oct 5th 2016  


third paradise, Wednesday, Oct 5th 2016  

@third paradise you can always go to home/contributions and edit->delete things

joreg, Tuesday, Oct 4th 2016  

sorry for the three times

third paradise, Tuesday, Oct 4th 2016  

I've updated the #vvvv #vr #workshop contents: rapid-prototyping-for-vr-with-vvvv-retune-festival #retune #festival #berlin #oculus #oculusrift #vive #htcvive

tonfilm, Tuesday, Oct 4th 2016  

When using M$VS for code editing: Is there a way to persist an attached vvvv process over several compilations of a C#-node? Thx

blausand, Monday, Oct 3rd 2016  

@h99 in VL this is available, see ToString (Format) integer-and-primitive-types-in-vl

tonfilm, Saturday, Oct 1st 2016  

@h99, spellvalue? For he other examples you'd have to do them manually or write a plugin

guest, Saturday, Oct 1st 2016  

Is there a node using Standard Numeric Format Strings, in particular from int to hex conversion?https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dwhawy9k(v=vs.110).aspx

h99, Saturday, Oct 1st 2016  

https://www.nintendo.co.jp/clv/index.html small family computer will release in japan

mino, Friday, Sep 30th 2016  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSMkvl5igS0 perhaps this one can remember its settings

sunep, Friday, Sep 30th 2016  

Hi guys, has anyone tried https://www.tiltbrush.com/ with v4 ?

colorsound, Friday, Sep 30th 2016  


Noir, Wednesday, Sep 28th 2016  

meanwhile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6KbEnGnymk

joreg, Wednesday, Sep 28th 2016  

@rrrr perhaps duration, even though it hasn't really been maintained for some time: https://github.com/YCAMInterlab/Duration

sunep, Tuesday, Sep 27th 2016  

@ARTEKLAB yeah thx, but hmm it's not quite a good timeline tool

rrrr, Tuesday, Sep 27th 2016  

@rrrr http://www.iannix.org/fr/whatisiannix/

ARTEKLAB, Tuesday, Sep 27th 2016  

Anything like Vezér available for Windows these days? http://imimot.com/vezer/

rrrr, Tuesday, Sep 27th 2016  


Noir, Tuesday, Sep 27th 2016  

brightsign is ok

antokhio, Monday, Sep 26th 2016  

Anyone worked with BrightSign hard/software? Was it a positive experience? https://www.brightsign.biz/

beyon, Monday, Sep 26th 2016  

VIP Visual Patch: pure vvvv & DMX: another way to get index http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhpUk6BtBZw

aaa, Friday, Sep 23rd 2016  

Anyone interested in a 10-15 days Job starting now? It will be a simple touchscreen interface, trip to turkey included...

kleinkariert, Thursday, Sep 22nd 2016  

@guest try QuaternionToEuler skeleton-(microsoft-kinect)-dx11-vux-joint-orientation

guest, Wednesday, Sep 21st 2016  

@quaddro please see using addons then start a forum thread if you still have problems

joreg, Wednesday, Sep 21st 2016  

still fighting with contributions in subfolders. if i link root directly to the subfolder evvvvrything's fine. else not. ideas?

quaddro, Wednesday, Sep 21st 2016  

@guest should be a 5 minute action: clone the dynamic plugin template, copy the code into it, adapt template code, done.

tonfilm, Wednesday, Sep 21st 2016  

would be nice to have a node for this: http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/416169/finding-pitchrollyaw-from-quaternions.html

guest, Wednesday, Sep 21st 2016  

very, very nice, @everyoneishappy! Is this all realtime vvvv stuff? Those strands look great!

pechart, Wednesday, Sep 21st 2016  

that's a good look, kyle! :) unfortunately i'm not in germany right now.

m4d, Tuesday, Sep 20th 2016  

@smflanagan i can point you in the right direction if you want - contact me on skype

bildwerk, Tuesday, Sep 20th 2016  

hey does anyone know if this node was shared anywhere? text-geometry-advanced

letoast, Monday, Sep 19th 2016  

@evvvvil done, would be great to see you again, tonight im only pretending to be present till i finally can have a sleep bro.

videolith, Sunday, Sep 18th 2016  

@videolith: add me on skype broh: evvvvil

evvvvil, Saturday, Sep 17th 2016  

@videolith: Yo bro, I'm in london, you can see me pretending to be impressed by the middle-class doing capoeira on Portobello Road.

evvvvil, Saturday, Sep 17th 2016  

Hey guys! Im in London for design week the next few Days, who wants to Head up for a Beer? Cheers

videolith, Saturday, Sep 17th 2016  

Need help creating my science project. Want to track a ping pong ball and make an interactive table... can anyone help me???

smflanagan, Saturday, Sep 17th 2016  

vvvv #openvr contribution version 2 released. #vr #HTCvive #vive #oculusrift #oculus #steamvr vvvv.openvr

tonfilm, Friday, Sep 16th 2016  


xd_nitro, Friday, Sep 16th 2016  

I MAKE THE 3D GRAPHICS WITH THE VVVV!!! OMG LOL WTF JAJAJA, bro bro FTW. You watch, you like you share, ok? kiss https://vimeo.com/182081463

evvvvil, Friday, Sep 16th 2016  


u7angel, Thursday, Sep 15th 2016  

A Study of Generative Algorithms: http://inconvergent.net/generative generative #algorithm #programming

joreg, Thursday, Sep 15th 2016  

sorry.. i mean can someone make photos of a mapping i did in frankfurt. phone is fine

tekcor, Tuesday, Sep 13th 2016  

Hi, is someone on automechanica an can make some simple photos for me that i did, but wasnt there for setup?

tekcor, Tuesday, Sep 13th 2016  

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drupal_admin: maintenance reboot in 2min. save your work. should be back in about 5mins.

~1d ago

polyrhythm: evvvvil what software you use for the 4kb? i'd like to try making a virgin prod :)

~2d ago

drehwurm: Nevermind... my fault.. had an old DX11 pack installed

~2d ago

drehwurm: Nevermind... my fault.. had an old DX11 pack installed

~2d ago

drehwurm: PointEditor (DX11 2d) help needs a checkup. Replace Renderstate with Rasterizer?

~3d ago

joreg: @mediadog: indeed, fixed that!

~3d ago

mediadog: @microdee @joreg Aha! I had glanced at that list, but assignment was lurking beyond the scrollbar. Athankew!

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joreg: first-come-first-serve tickets are now sold out except the "delegate" ones. others are still available from here: https://nodeforum.org/journal/node17-tickets/