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trying to load a 28000px x 1620px texture, its giving me black output. Is there a limitation in VVVV?

ysap, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

Introducing: The Store introducing-the-store #vvvv

joreg, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

@joreg - thanks!

elliotwoods, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

@elliotwoods, i reopened that topic..

joreg, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

also i'd be very much up for rewriting this openly with all the features if there's paid days #taxreturn

elliotwoods, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

VL is perfect for this type of deep OO logic. Great to hear! p.s. I can't reply in forum (no button)

elliotwoods, Monday, Jan 23rd 2017  

@xd_nitro: got it. see \girlpower\VL\Animation\MultiTouch for a little #vl example of doing this #vvvv

joreg, Friday, Jan 20th 2017  

will do Joreg. @cat - poss but can't move to 50 anyway.

xd_nitro, Friday, Jan 20th 2017  

zoom-pan-rotate-touchgestures @XD_nitro, could VL do what you need?

catweasel, Thursday, Jan 19th 2017  

@xd_nitro: from looking at that patch i don't really understand what it is doing: can you start a forumthread and specify your needs?

joreg, Thursday, Jan 19th 2017  

oh it's a contribution not forum. doh! multitouch-stack-revived

xd_nitro, Thursday, Jan 19th 2017  

hey y'all - anyone up for doing some sponsored work on multitouch-stack-revived?

xd_nitro, Thursday, Jan 19th 2017  

@all please update your VVVV.OpenVR pack, important bugfix: vvvv.openvr #htc #vive #oculus #rift #vr

tonfilm, Wednesday, Jan 18th 2017  


skyliner, Wednesday, Jan 18th 2017  

@joreg i'm not sure where to start with the requests, everything i know is wrong and yoghurt

id144, Wednesday, Jan 18th 2017  

only 5 requests but already 20 proposals for #node17 workshops. keep'em coming: node17-call-for-workshops #vvvv #vl #visualprogramming

joreg, Wednesday, Jan 18th 2017  

the 2016 numbers are out: vvvv-in-numbers-2016 thanks everyone for contributing #vvvv

joreg, Wednesday, Jan 18th 2017  

thanks for the numbers!

skyliner, Wednesday, Jan 18th 2017  

Anyone around LA area? Let's meet for beer+vvvv+business(optional)

bo27, Tuesday, Jan 17th 2017  

Last in a series of #liveAR shows https://youtu.be/75qzxi5LG-0?t=18m10s , proudly made with #vvvv

eno, Monday, Jan 16th 2017  

can´t find "revert to saved" in VL :( often end up forced to restart whole vvvv when breaking something..

guest, Monday, Jan 16th 2017  

gamechanger in rendering?

skyliner, Monday, Jan 16th 2017  


skyliner, Monday, Jan 16th 2017  

@joreg - Thank-you

Beryl, Monday, Jan 16th 2017  

@beryl see what you mean. nothing promised. meanwhile you find the same info in \lib\nodes and \addonpack\lib\nodes\ nodelist.xml

joreg, Sunday, Jan 15th 2017  

This makes searching for keywords (with crtl F) on the page only partly helpfull as many results do not appear.

Beryl, Sunday, Jan 15th 2017  

The help section is partially obscured here:vvvv.org/documentation/node-reference.

Beryl, Sunday, Jan 15th 2017  

@beryl please be more specific: what exactly are you looking for and where?

joreg, Sunday, Jan 15th 2017  

Please Please Please make the help on node reference page fully viewable and searchable!!!

Beryl, Sunday, Jan 15th 2017  

boygroup: https://youtu.be/suxu1bmPm2g

tonfilm, Saturday, Jan 14th 2017  

@tmp -> ##vvvv por favor

joreg, Thursday, Jan 12th 2017  

Cinimod Studio is looking for a full-time VVVV developer: http://cinimodstudio.com/vvvv-developer/

sanch, Thursday, Jan 12th 2017  

all ready!

drupal_admin, Wednesday, Jan 11th 2017  

hello, there has to be a maintenance reboot. will reboot in 2mins. back in about 5 mins.

drupal_admin, Wednesday, Jan 11th 2017  


ggml, Tuesday, Jan 10th 2017  

thanks deVLopers

dottore, Tuesday, Jan 10th 2017  

here is how we patch a particle system in #vl https://vimeo.com/198615170 #vvvv #visualprogramming

joreg, Tuesday, Jan 10th 2017  

the tunnel_node in dx9 has a transform_input. but not reacting. on any kind of transform input and not in all 3 modes???

udo2013, Tuesday, Jan 10th 2017  

anyone using this tool? how to use for vvvv? https://github.com/christopherbatty/SDFGen

sinus, Tuesday, Jan 10th 2017  

analysis_part of my actual patches i will soon upload as contribution. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DkkqYEBZlI&t=7s&ab_channel=udokaiser

udo2013, Tuesday, Jan 10th 2017  

@joreg: thanks for the video! keep 'em coming :)

motzi, Sunday, Jan 8th 2017  

beautifully disturbing - happy vvvveekend!

skyliner, Saturday, Jan 7th 2017  


ysap, Friday, Jan 6th 2017  

rasterizer set to no culling

readme, Friday, Jan 6th 2017  

hey, how to make a DX11 quad visible from both sides? i am using a blend render state for alpha actually

ysap, Friday, Jan 6th 2017  

impressive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75ZytcYANTA

elektromeier, Friday, Jan 6th 2017  

@synth node17-call-for-workshops

bjoern, Wednesday, Jan 4th 2017  

Please give info about Node17, for some of us it takes time to save up for it :(

synth, Wednesday, Jan 4th 2017  

glad you like!

joreg, Wednesday, Jan 4th 2017  

yeah, less nodes is better, faster is better. only the keep thing looks odd visually. probably something one gets used to it

u7angel, Wednesday, Jan 4th 2017  

Great tutorial video @joreg. I can now see myself actually using VL.

sunep, Wednesday, Jan 4th 2017  

here is a first #vvvv #vl video tutorial https://vimeo.com/197956686

joreg, Wednesday, Jan 4th 2017  

Happy new year to all of you. :D

colorsound, Wednesday, Jan 4th 2017  

@sunep, mino, phlegma: mails are out now!

joreg, Wednesday, Jan 4th 2017  

hello, is there anyone could help me with database mysql node? thank you :)

artifak, Wednesday, Jan 4th 2017  

Still nothing

sunep, Tuesday, Jan 3rd 2017  

did not receive a mail eihter

phlegma, Tuesday, Jan 3rd 2017  

sunep your mail is in the list. please check spam..

joreg, Tuesday, Jan 3rd 2017  

Still no node mail here

sunep, Tuesday, Jan 3rd 2017  

@mino: on it!

joreg, Tuesday, Jan 3rd 2017  

@joreg my mail address on node15 was obsolete. is it possible to send my user info address?

mino, Tuesday, Jan 3rd 2017  

if any #node15 attendee is still missing the survey mail now please check your spam

joreg, Monday, Jan 2nd 2017  

ok, got it but as a promotion not reg mail

matka, Monday, Jan 2nd 2017  

I've got it on 31 Dec at 14:41

id144, Monday, Jan 2nd 2017  

@matka, microdee, id144 still no mail? i'll investigate..

joreg, Monday, Jan 2nd 2017  

same here

matka, Sunday, Jan 1st 2017  

me neither

microdee, Saturday, Dec 31st 2016  

@joreg No mail for me :(

id144, Friday, Dec 30th 2016  

did you attend #node15? you got mail! please take the <5 minutes and fill out the surveys to help us make #node17 excell..

joreg, Friday, Dec 30th 2016  

opencv 3.2

skyliner, Wednesday, Dec 28th 2016  

Merry Christmas!!

vasilis, Sunday, Dec 25th 2016  

Awesome video, for an awesome release!!

Westbam, Sunday, Dec 25th 2016  

thanx devvvvs and contributors for the great beta35! @joreg: super vvvvideo

sinus, Friday, Dec 23rd 2016  

Yes, thanks for the video Joreg!

beyon, Friday, Dec 23rd 2016  

@joreg: would love more such videos. even just poking around in vvvv. no special topic, just showing off whats cool.

guest, Friday, Dec 23rd 2016  


Noir, Friday, Dec 23rd 2016  

always glad to be of service

joreg, Friday, Dec 23rd 2016  

@joreg, thank you for the overview

u7angel, Friday, Dec 23rd 2016  

@joreg+sunep real nice. Massive update

Gareth.Griffiths, Friday, Dec 23rd 2016  

Nice little presentation video @joreg, every release should have one

sunep, Friday, Dec 23rd 2016  

let me introduce you to what's new in #vvvv 50beta35 https://vimeo.com/196671562

joreg, Thursday, Dec 22nd 2016  

@catweasel definitely, it'll be a while until I find a timeslot though.. (plus I'll need some VR hardware)

dominikKoller, Thursday, Dec 22nd 2016  

@dominikKoller, looks fairly straight forward, also a bit like my kontrol evvvverything gui, just need to finish that first!

catweasel, Thursday, Dec 22nd 2016  

Anyone up to being inspired by this https://github.com/dataarts/dat.guiVR/raw/master/preview.gif and building (or supporting someone else to) it for vvvv?

dominikKoller, Thursday, Dec 22nd 2016  

but chrome sometimes has its issues with accepting new protocols...

gregsn, Thursday, Dec 22nd 2016  

after installing vpm this installs message and dx11.

gregsn, Thursday, Dec 22nd 2016  


gregsn, Thursday, Dec 22nd 2016  

thanks velcrome and microdee! @microdee: please check my pull request on vpdb for vvvv-message vpack. thanks!

gregsn, Thursday, Dec 22nd 2016  

immediately found a bug and fixed it https://github.com/vvvvpm/vpm/releases/tag/1.2.1

microdee, Thursday, Dec 22nd 2016  

new vpm version https://github.com/vvvvpm/vpm/releases/tag/1.2.0 with new EULA screen

microdee, Thursday, Dec 22nd 2016  

meanwhile I foresee a new type of nodes in 2017... https://github.com/tjanczuk/edge

microdee, Wednesday, Dec 21st 2016  

I might start with some translations as soon as I finish my ongoing projects :)

synth, Wednesday, Dec 21st 2016  

fun with VR particel @ muthesius https://vimeo.com/196370309

u7angel, Wednesday, Dec 21st 2016  

Happy Birthday vvvv :)

dottore, Wednesday, Dec 21st 2016  

just seconds later, the first beta35-ready pack lands: https://github.com/velcrome/vvvv-Message/releases/tag/2.8.9

velcrome, Wednesday, Dec 21st 2016  

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~18h ago

drehwurm: bäm @joreg. That's great!

~19h ago

drehwurm: Hey, it would be cool, if we could pass a startup-argument to the patch, to create our own startup args.

~3d ago

manuel: anyone ussing orbecc camera ?

~3d ago

anchnk: Feel free to dm me on twitter,slack,gitter,wherever as anchnk :)

~3d ago

anchnk: Me, any art rec in Berlin next week for an old vvvv user ? Would be great to meet as well. I did the vvvv/max/msp workshop at node08

~3d ago

polyrhythm: sweet, thanks! i figured i'd be doing c++ with a 4kb

~4d ago

evvvvil: @polyrhythm: No software, pure C++ and GLSL. IQ's 4kb framework does help, but get your text coding gloves on. http://www.iquilezles.org/code/isystem1k4k/isystem1k4k.htm